November 2012 Table of Contents

16 Modern Missile

RPM Hot Rods’ Challenger pays tribute to the legendary Motown Missile drag machine, but with a Pro Touring twist.

22 Blown ’Bird

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Pro Touring, drag racing, roots-blown supercar!

28 You Go Girl!

Whether your chromosomes are of the XY or XX variety, this homebuilt big-block Camaro will take you to school.

34 The Biggest Rat Ever!

At 1,005.8 ci, the “Godfather” is the biggest big-block engine ever built.

38 Brotherhood of Builders

A group of men from across seven states come together to build this early 388ci Chrysler Hemi.

44 Understanding Cam Types

How to select the style of stick that’s best for your engine.

PHR Project Cars

48 Weekend Resto

We bought a ’68 Plymouth Valiant and made it car-show ready for a total outlay of $4,300. Here’s how we did it …

56 Project Nova: Gauges in Stages

The Nova gets a modern console with Auto Meter’s new feature-laden Elite race gauges.

60 Project EcoNova: Getting a Handle on Things

Hotchkis Performance cures the EcoNova’s sloppy suspension and steering.

70 Doin’ It Slideways!

The Popular Hot Rodding Street Machine Autocross hits the Goodguys 15th PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio.

8 Bangin’ Gears

10 Message Board

64 New Products