Heat Management:

Derale Scoop Cooler

Derale's new Scoop Cooler (PN 50100) uses ram air technology to force feed air to an efficient 10-row Stack Plate Cooler. It can be used for a wide variety of cooling needs from engine and transmission to power-steering and fuel. Featuring a unique mounting bracket that sandwiches the cooler and the intake scoop, there are a wide variety of mounting options, all of which are designed to provide a clean, attractive, and highly efficient cooler. Don't be fooled by its compact size; Derale's Scoop Cooler is a heavy-duty cooler in every sense of the word, with integrated turbulators running through each row. Its all-aluminum design is lightweight while the furnace-brazed construction is tested to withstand pressures up to 300 psi (guaranteed to 250 psi).


Race Hardware:

Ram Lightweight Flywheel

Six steel friction inserts lay at the heart of Ram's latest lightweight aluminum drag racing flywheels for single-disc clutch systems. Developed as a direct-replacement for sintered iron or metallic clutches, the chief motivation for employing friction inserts is their resistance to warping or distortion. The new SFI-certified flywheels offer an overall weight reduction of 5 pounds for improved acceleration. It also induces less wheelspin.

Fully machined from 7075 material, these flywheels use the same friction inserts employed in Ram's aluminum pressure rings. Furthermore, they are easily serviced in the field as they are mounted with screws from the rear side. Around the perimeter of the flywheel are a series of holes that accommodate tubular stands and press-in Grade 8 hardware to attach the pressure plate. This arrangement includes shims between the stands and the pressure plate to offer convenient ring height adjustment. In addition, to prevent wear while removing and reinstalling the flywheel, hardened inserts are used in the mounting holes that attach it to the crankshaft.

2601 Chevrolet SB/BB, internal balance, 168-tooth retail $649
2616 Ford SB, internal balance, 164-tooth retail $649
2519 Ford BB, internal balance, 184-tooth retail $679

RAM Clutches


Lokar Drive-By-Wire Throttle

Lokar's billet Drive-By-Wire Electronic Throttle assembly is pre-programmed at the factory for over 1,400 OEM and aftermarket EFI applications including crate engines. Included with the Lokar Electronic Throttle Control is an application-specific pedal wiring harness that works in conjunction with the OEM or aftermarket EFI wiring harness. The pedal calibration optimizes throttle response to eliminate pedal lag and also has built-in hysteresis to provide improved operator control and pedal stability over rough terrain. The new billet design is available in a bright or black anodized finish to match your application. The Electronic Throttle Control/Harness requires one of Lokar's Drive-By-Wire Pedal sets, which are offered in a variety of styles.


Chassis & Suspension:

Viking Berserker Shocks

Viking Performance takes suspension control to the next level with its Berserker Active Shock Management (ASM) system. This all-new “smart” system is the only aftermarket system that monitors chassis input and reacts to it by automatically adjusting shock valving up to 1,000 times per second. The U.S.-made Berserker ASM uses hydraulic shocks with computer-controlled, electrically actuated valving. This delivers ultrahigh performance suspension control with improved ride quality, and without the need for the driver to adjust anything. The ASM system fits a variety of popular muscle cars, and is also available in universal lengths and mounts. Depending on application, the shock controllers are either remote mounted for clearance around chassis and suspension components, or piggybacked onto the shock body. Each shock has its own controller, which maximizes performance for each corner. Additionally, a master controller mounted on the chassis optimizes the system in real time. The technology monitors a wide range of chassis inputs including yaw rate, suspension position, acceleration/deceleration, and steering position. In addition, data acquired by the Berserker ASM system can be downloaded by the user for further analysis and the system is tunable for race applications.

Viking Performance

Performance Plumbing:

Jiffy-Tite Quick-Connect Fittings

Jiffy-Tite has been a preferred manufacturer of fluid connectors for original equipment manufacturers since 1963. Why? Jiffy-Tite uses face seals that provide great seal quality. Unlike threaded fittings that can present a leak risk, Jiffy-Tite says their design provides a leak-proof seal. Even when disconnected, Jiffy-Tite fittings prevent fluid loss due to the use of valves that shut off fluid flow.

Available in 2000, 3000, and 5000 Series, Jiffy-Tite's Quick-Connect fittings were designed by racers for racers and provide excellent performance under extreme racing conditions. They can replace nearly any fitting in any location and are available in straight, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and either valved or non-valved form. All sockets are available in Jiffy-Tite Gold, or Stealth Black finish, and both sockets and plugs can be special ordered in stainless steel. They come standard with Fluorocarbon (FKM) seals. Buna N (Nitrile) and EPDM seals are also available, as are caps, plugs, and C-clips.

Jiffy-Tite Motorsports