Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick

The Hurst Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick Shifter (PN 3162001) is designed for a firm but comfortable, natural grip. Featuring the same qualities of the original Quarter Stick, this model includes controlled detent activation, a one-hand operated spring-loaded reverse lockout mechanism, and a neutral safety switch. The pistol-grip handle is CNC-machined from billet aluminum for increased strength, and features a snap-action switch that is ideal for operating a Hurst Roll/Control, nitrous system, or transbrake.

Applications: GM Powerglide automatic transmissions with an aluminum case and forward or reverse valvebody, GM TH250, 350, 400, and 375 automatic transmissions with a reverse valvebody

Street price: $276.97

V-Matic 3

The Hurst V-Matic 3 (PN 3838530) is a front-exit-cable shifter designed for most three- and four-speed automatic transmissions. This shifter is designed with a park and reverse lock trigger system that allows smooth ratcheting through the forward gears. The universal base allows for floor mounting and can be trimmed to custom fit any floor. The forward exit cable is designed for quick installation and accurate shifting, and the reverse lockout trigger feature meets NHRA and IHRA requirements. The shifter also includes a neutral safety switch, backup light switch, a lighted gear indicator, and brushed aluminum Hurst T-handle.

Applications: GM TH200, TH250, TH350, TH375, TH400, 700-R4, 200-4R, 4L60E and 4L65E; Ford C4, C6, and AOD; and Chrysler TorqueFlite A727 and A904transmissions 1966 and later

Street price: $292.47

Quarter Stick

The Quarter Stick Automatic Shifter (PN 3160006) was designed to provide positive gear change control for street or racing applications. This shifter is designed for two- and three-speed automatic transmissions in forward valvebody shift patterns. Detent activation is controlled by a chrome-plated trigger contoured to fit comfortably in the driver's hand. Extremely compact and lightweight for tight-fitting installations, the Quarter Stick comes with a factory installed neutral safety switch (backup light switch is available separately), controlled gate stop activation for a positive feel, and a one-hand operated spring-loaded reverse-lockout mechanism. All necessary installation hardware is included along with a 5-foot shifter cable.

Applications: GM TH250, 350, 375, and 400 automatic transmissions with a forward valvebody

Street price: $202.97

Hurst Shifters



The TCI StreetFighter Shifter (PN 616443) is compatible with both forward- and reverse-pattern valvebodies. It features an NHRA/IHRA-approved reverse lockout, a lighted, original-equipment-style gearshift indicator, and a cover that can be custom fit to your transmission tunnel for a professional final appearance. It also has a Park/Neutral safety switch and reverse light activation switch.

Applications: all popular GM, Ford, and Chrysler three- and four-speed transmissions

Street price: $247.97


The TCI Fast-Gate (PN 616540) is a universal design, which allows it to be used in virtually any three- or four-speed application. The Fast-Gate also includes a stylish and durable injection-molded cover, a cable, and all the required hardware for a simple installation, so there is no need to buy extra accessory pieces. We liked it so much, we dropped one in PHR's Project Nova beneath a second-hand Dodge Neon console, where it reliably shifts cogs on our PerformaBuilt 700-R4.

Applications: fits most popular three- and four-speed GM, Chrysler, and Ford applications

Price: $148.75 (without T-handle)

Paddle Shifter

If you've always envied Ferrari drivers with their fancy paddle shifters, TCI has a shifter just for you. Their paddle shifter (PN 301442) communicates wirelessly to the transmission control unit on modern four-, five-, and six-speed automatics with no signal interference, lag time, or disruption. It mounts to the backside of a five- or six-bolt steering wheel and comes with several spacers of varying width, allowing you to set the steering wheel location for personal preference.

Applications: designed to work with any automatic four-, five- or six-speed transmission, as well as the TCI 6x six-speed with EZ-TCU transmission controller

Street price: $636.97 (with display)


TCI's Outlaw Shifter (PN 616331) is one of our favorites—we put one through the wringer in PHR's Project Street Fighter '68 Chevelle, and it always kept our 496 big-block Chevy in the right gear while looking good. Constructed of billet aluminum, the Outlaw has an ergonomic pistol grip shifter and a black-anodized cover with an optional quick-release setup. It's also rugged enough to handle both street and race-duty, and complements the interior of any vehicle. It's NHRA/IHRA legal too.

Applications: GM Powerglide and most popular GM, Ford, and Chrysler three- and four-speed automatic transmissions

Price: $336.25 (forward three-speed with cover)

TCI Automotive