Gearstar 4L80E

Gearstar Performance Transmissions is announcing a new limited-time offer on GM 4L80E transmission and torque converter packages starting at $1,995 (no core charge). These electronically controlled units feature proven Gearstar performance and reliability and include a high performance 1,800- to 2,200-stall torque converter. Built to Gearstar's Level II standard to handle up to 500 hp, these 4L80E transmissions and converters are custom-built by a single skilled technician from start to finish, and are extensively dyno tested before shipping. They also include a 12-month warranty.

Gearstar Performance Transmission

Car Care:

A2Z All Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Eagle One's powerful 2-in-1 thick foam easily removes brake dust, dirt, grime, and grease. Its acid-free formula is manufacturer recommended for use on any wheel, hubcap, or tire. With A2Z, you get a high performance, “back to black” restoration for tires, and a worry-free deep clean for any type of wheel finish. A2Z can also be used as a pre-wash on the lower panels of a car and in wheelwells to break the bond of tough deposits that soaps leave behind. It also works well as an engine degreaser, making it one of the most versatile products you can have in your garage. It's also a great dessert topping too! OK, just kidding about that one.

Eagle One

Strange Engineering:

S-Series Yokes

Strange Engineering's heavy-duty lines of American-made S-Series transmission and pinion yokes are cast from high tensile strength nodular iron, then CNC machined to assure concentricity, and balanced for ideal driveshaft operation. Strange has most popular domestic transmissions and rear ends covered with a wide variety of yokes that are machined to accept durable 1350 series U-joints, and they're available with custom Strange driveshafts too. In addition, crossover U-joints are available to adapt Strange yokes to most OEM applications.

Strange Engineering


LED Work light

Eastwood's rechargeable 120-LED underhood light features SMD LEDs (surface mount) and a 1,250 lumen output that is up to two times brighter than conventional LEDs. With extendable bars featuring foam-covered hooks, the light easily mounts to any surface from 53 to 72 inches wide, perfect for illuminating engine bays. Built from ABS and aluminum, the light is durable, yet lightweight. When it comes time to put away, the light folds in half for easy storage. “Halogen work lights, in addition to being hot, always create shadows when working under the hood,” says Ryan Poshefko, Eastwood Product Manager. “This work light illuminates a whole engine bay without a cord getting in the way.” With an included AC/DC adapter and 12V charger, the light's lithium-ion battery is quick to charge and offers a long run-time.


Auto Meter:

Ultimate III & DL Playback Tach

Auto Meter pioneered playback tachometer technology back in 1995, refining it over the years, and now they're taking another step forward with the Ultimate III and Ultimate DL, which adds data logging to the Ultimate III's impressive feature set. These drag-race optimized tachs include a 30 percent weight reduction over the Ultimate II tachometer, a four-stage shift-light control, availability in black or silver dial faces in 9K or 11K rpm, LED backlighting for improved visibility, automatic recording memory start system, engine and driveshaft speed recording at 100 samples per second with up to 60 seconds of available memory, the ability to play back data right on the tach itself (or easy download to DataPro analysis software), and an onboard tri-axis accelerometer to provide advanced data about vehicle acceleration and launch. Auto Meter's Ultimate DL (DataLogger) adds the ability to record wideband air/fuel ratio and pressure channel data, which can help diagnose fuel delivery issues, improve power tuning, and raise mph in the traps.

Auto Meter