The E-Street offers a ton of value for the dollar without forcing a bunch of pro-level bells and whistles down your throat. Yet it does offer enough flexibility and features to meet 95 percent of hot rodders' needs without dumping a ton of complexity and cost on your head. The tablet is a big plus (easy step-by-step installation and setup instructions are programmed right in), and the optional Universal Fuel Sump System makes it a 100 percent engine bay–only operation that can be handled in the average Joe's home garage. Even with the Universal Fuel Sump System included, your take-home cost on the E-Street is under $2,800 (street) making it an outstanding value as well.

A couple of biggies we noticed after our initial week of city/highway driving. Our old carb had a hard time metering fuel at low rpm and cruise due to a weak booster signal from low engine vacuum. The E-Street just didn't care once it had learned that part of the table. Under hard braking, our old carb would stop supplying fuel, stalling the engine, while the E-Street now keeps the fire lit. Cold starts no longer involve tricky stabs of the gas pedal to keep the engine running—even though the old carb had an electric choke. The E-Street fires and runs when cold, no monkey motion required. The un-tunable hole in the midrange part of the carburetor's fuel curve that caused the stumble is gone, again an artifact of the big cam and poor booster signal. As you might imagine, the E-Street has banished all softness from the throttle tip-in with immediate, neck-snapping fuel enrichment. Yet on the fuel economy front, we went from getting 14 mpg with the carb on our highway loop (yes, that was with overdrive), to 18.5 mpg with the E-Street EFI, an improvement of 32 percent over the 750-cfm carb.

If you've been on the fence with EFI, the Edelbrock E-Street system will surely make the decision a no-brainer. And if it doesn't, there probably isn't much hope for EFI in your car's future, because it couldn't get any easier than this.

More Online!

Our E-Street installation was performed at Edelbrock's R&D and Testing facility by Edelbrock EFI engineer Mark Honsowetz. Log on to to check out two in-depth videos of the installation and setup of the E-Street EFI on our 1968 Nova—there's a lot more there that we couldn't fit into our story, plus some bonus footage of some cool upcoming stuff from Edelbrock. And don't miss the Nova's felony burnout when the E-Street's self-learning is complete!

E-Street kit description: Kit PN:
Base system without fuel supply system 3600
Base system, includes Returnless-Style Fuel Kit 3603 3601
Base system, includes Return-Style Fuel Kit 3604 3602
Base system, includes Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit 3605 3606

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