And while Mopar faithful might scoff at the use of a Ford part, consider this: The Mustang II/Pinto spindle not only is 8 pounds lighter per side than its Mopar counterpart, it is the most widely supported spindle in the industry when it comes to brake systems. The knockdown punch is the Ford spindle's much improved geometry. It could arguably be a little better like the more expensive C6 spindle, but it is cost-effective, it's well supported, and it's light-years ahead of stock spindles. Reilly put it best: "The spindle was designed by an engineer—a man. Only later did someone else come along and put a brand logo on it. Why punish yourself for that?"

Then there's the steering. While modest gains in the technology and feel of recirculating-ball steering boxes have made them viable choices, the rack-and-pinion design offers superior feel with fewer moving parts, fewer wear items, less mass, and a more compact package. It is de rigeur for modern production performance cars, and they are well supported in the aftermarket. In its AlterKtion systems, RMS uses a quick-ratio Mustang-style rack from AGR, a trusted leader in the steering market. Moreover, the rack-and-pinion design eliminates the massive factory steering linkage and opens up a world of engine choices and oil pan fitments.

At the heart of the AlterKtion is the use of adjustable Viking Warrior coilover shocks. These pieces are at the cutting edge of aftermarket shock design with a twin-tube aluminum body, deflective-disc technology, a PTFE/bronze piston seal, and a wide range of damper tuning via twin compression and rebound controls with 19 positions for each. They are paired with Viking Warrior springs that have a very attractive silver powdercoat look, which you won't mind showing off. As coilovers, they're also adjustable, meaning ride height and corner weight can easily be set. Additionally, RMS says it will swap out your springs at no charge should you want to make a change to your spring rate.

In the spectrum of Mopar handling stuff, you have everything from stock rebuild commodity parts, to bolt-on factory-style parts, to complete chassis that employ none of the benefits of the factory engineering (and yes, stock unibody construction does have its advantages). The AlterKtion is closer in cost to a bolt-on collection of parts consisting of control arms, shocks, springs, steering box, steering rebuild parts, sway bar, and bushings—yet it delivers performance closer to that of a full tube-frame chassis transplant. (At less than $4,500, the AlterKtion is less than a third of the cost of a starter chassis). Heck, after you eBay your old take-off K-member and parts, you might even come out ahead on the cost compared to a mash-up of stock-style aftermarket bolt-ons.

From an installation standpoint—there's no comparison. A chassis transplant can take months or even years as the DIY guy saves the cash, collects the tools, and learns the fabrication chops to pull it off. It took us just four hours to install the AlterKtion—less than the time it takes to swap out a box full of stock-style bolt-ons. It is the right suspension for the right price if you want to accomplish the most good, and you've got limited money and a modest skill set.

And lastly, there is the weight. Depending on your starting point, the AlterKtion front coilover suspension will shave the mass over the nose by anywhere from 75 to 120 pounds. That's a lot of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We quickly realized we had to try one of these on Project Valiant, our 1968 Plymouth Valiant project car. We took the Valiant to our favorite shop, Outlaw Motorsports (Riverside, California), where proprietor Ron Aschtgen made short work of the AlterKtion on his first time ever seeing one. Just this year, Outlaw finished the two-year buildup of our '68 Nova project, and in that time on that Chevy we never experienced work progress at such a breakneck speed as the RMS AlterKtion. So well-engineered was the RMS K-member coilover system, it practically bolted itself together. See for yourself!

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