1965-1969 Mustang:

Disc Brake Conversion For Drum Spindles

Wilwood has released two new groups of Big Brake upgrade kits for ’65-67 and ’68-69 V-8 Mustangs with drum spindles. These kits offer a simple bolt-on installation to your Mustang’s original drum brake spindles and deliver big-brake stopping power with style. Kits include Wilwood’s six-piston Superlite 6 Series calipers loaded with metallic composite BP-10 compound Smart pads. FNSL6R Big Brake kits can be purchased with either 12.88-inch (PN 140-12637) or 14.00-inch (PN 140-12638) diameter GT competition series rotors, or the SRP series drilled and slotted E-coat rotors with a drill-and-slot pattern for added race-tech styling. Wilwood Big Brake kits for these vehicle groups include forged and fully machined billet alloy hubs with ½-20 Grade 8 wheel studs that mount to the OE spindle using tapered roller bearings and races. To complete the installation, specific brackets are included, and come with premium-grade hardware and alignment shims for a secure and accurate installation. DOT-approved flexline kits, required to adapt Wilwood calipers to your chassis plumbing, are available separately under PN 220-12168.

Wilwood Engineering 805-388-1188


Black Diamond Carbs

Engine compartments are hostile environments for carburetors. Carburetors can reach a peak underhood temperature of between 180 and 200 degrees F, and the chemical residues in the fuel, oil, and coolant can bake onto your carburetor and become corrosive over time. While an unsightly looking carb won’t affect performance, underhood heat will. For years racers and tuners have increased performance by lowering fuel temperature. Quick Fuel Technology (QFT) has introduced a highly durable Teflon coating that lowers fuel temperatures by 6 percent to ensure maximum power and response. It’s impact and scratch-resistant and also resists corrosion from underhood chemicals and harsh environments. The high-performance Teflon coating is designed specifically for the unique requirements of carburetors and is available in a satin black finish. NitroPlate, an industry leader in all types of high-temperature coatings, applies this coating on select SS-Series, Q-Series, and QFX-Series carburetors for QFT. With the Black Diamond Series your carburetor will shed dirt and resist corrosion, offering a showroom fresh appearance and a unique performance advantage for years.

Quick Fuel Technology

Mopar Handling:

Control Arms for A-, B-, and E-Bodies

QA1’s Mopar upper and lower control arms for A-, B-, and E-Bodies are made right here in the United States and are designed to bolt back into the factory location while shaving weight, increasing strength, and allowing for a higher level of caster adjustment. Each control arm is constructed of DOM seamless tubing, and features tubular construction with a powdercoated black finish. The upper control arms are offered with polyurethane inner pivot bushings and can increase the caster angle by approximately 3 degrees. The lower control arms come ready to bolt into any stock K-frame or a QA1 tubular K-frame. New bushings, shafts, and other hardware are included to simplify installation.


1962-1967 Nova:

400 Series Steering Box

CPP is excited about their brand-new 400 Series power steering box for the ’62-67 Nova. This new box uses late-model steering technology and is a direct replacement for the original manual steering box. It allows for the use of the original steering column or an aftermarket tilt column to be in perfect alignment with the box. The 13.6:1 ratio is comfortable for highway cruising, yet responsive and reliable for spirited driving, or even a road course. CPP’s 400 Series box uses the factory manual steering pitman arm, and has a ¾-30 input shaft, along with 11/16-18 pressure-side and 5/16-18 return-side inverted flare hoses. Retail prices start at $379.

Classic Performance Products

Car Care:

Armor All Custom Shield

We were recently visited by the guys from Armor All, and they showed us a brand-new product that we’re very excited about. It’s a spray-on rubber coating called Custom Shield, and it’s in the same vein as a vinyl film or wrap, except it’s temporary (they tell us it lasts up to three months). We like it because it affords the full protection of a car bra, except it’s inexpensive, it’s easy to install, and it’s easy to peel off when you’re done. In our tech center demo, we sprayed it onto a restored vintage fastback Mustang, using masking tape to mask off some instant Shelby stripes. The satin black Custom Shield spray goes on easy, dries fast, and provides real protection to high-end paintjobs. The rubberized film has the look and feel of a vinyl graphic or a wrap, but peels off much easier. It also looks like a great product for protecting your quarter-panels against rock chips, or on a drag car where hot rubber can stick to bare paint. Armor All says it’s available in satin black, satin white, and satin clear at first, but more colors are coming. The best part is that as a spray, it offers customizing opportunities that no other product offers. It’s coming soon to an auto parts store near you, so be on the lookout! Source:
Armor All

Wheel Fitment:

Wheel Hub Adapters

On a pretty regular basis, we run across wheels at the swap meet or on Craigslist that we’d love to buy, but they just won’t fit the car because they are the wrong bolt circle or have the wrong offset. Putting a late-model zero-offset wheel on an older muscle car is the perfect example of this. That’s why Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory is now offering custom billet aluminum wheel adapters and spacers. Unlike catalog spacers, these can be special ordered with virtually any receiving or accepting bolt circle diameter, and in any thickness between 1 and 3 inches. The best part is that prices on these custom spacer/adapters start at just $35 each!

Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory