MSD Atomic EFI
Although MSD has built its reputation on innovative ignition control products, it's showing the world that it knows a thing or two about fuel control as well. Instead of merely waltzing on board the self-tuning EFI bandwagon, however, MSD jumped out of the gate intent on raising the bar. The company's new Atomic EFI system takes simplicity to a whole different level—with just eight total connections to make during the installation process—all while looking seductively delicious in the process.

A large reason why Atomic EFI looks so good is its purposefully streamlined design. The die-cast throttle body isn't just a direct bolt-in replacement for a 4150-style carb, it does what's arguably the best impersonation of a double-pumper to date. The four annular rings both mimic a carb's boosters in appearance and functionality, as the injectors discharge fuel into them for improved atomization. Likewise, the internal fuel rails are integrated into the throttle-body housing. While each of these features is a nice perk in their own right, the real genius is how MSD packaged the ECU and the bulk of the EFI sensors right into the throttle body. That means fewer connections, less wiring, a simpler install, and much cleaner aesthetics. "We wanted Atomic EFI to be a true do-it-yourself system that anyone could install in their garage with basic handtools. By integrating the ECU and engine sensors directly into the throttle body, we were able to substantially reduce the wiring clutter and the number of required connections," MSD's Todd Ryden explains.

As is expected of a fuel injection system in this competitive segment, Atomic EFI calibrates the air/fuel mixture on the fly after you enter in some basic engine parameters with the included handheld controller. Not surprisingly, MSD flexes its ignition control muscle with the Atomic system by offering the ability to adjust both idle and total timing advance. The ECU is also smart enough to retard the timing if the coolant and inlet air temperature are too hot for comfort.

To suit a wide variety of applications, Atomic EFI is available in multiple configurations. The base kit includes a throttle body, injectors, an ECU, a power module, a handheld controller, and a wiring harness. The Atomic master kit adds a 525hp-capable fuel system on top of the base kit, and MSD also offers a higher-capacity fuel system good for 625 hp.

"Today, EFI has become so easy to use that the average hot rodder has finally accepted this technology and is willing to install it." —MSD's Todd Ryden

By The Numbers
What's included: throttle body, ECU, fuel injectors, power module, wiring harness, oxygen sensor, handheld controller, EFI software, fuel system
Max power: 625 hp
Injector size: 80 lb/hr
Base kit PN: 2900
Optional items: high-capacity fuel system (PN 2921)
Dealer network: yes, visit website for details
Street price: $2,429