Holley Terminator EFI
Anything called Terminator sure sounds serious, and Holley's newest self-tuning EFI system means serious business. Holley's Avenger EFI is already a great system, however, the Terminator kicks things up several notches. The most obvious change is the NASCAR-inspired throttle body. As the official throttle body supplier for NASCAR's new crop of fuel-injected Sprint Cup motors, Holley incorporated the same technology from its race program into the new Terminator throttle body. In addition to flowing 950 cfm, the CFD computer-modeled venturi design maximizes air velocity. The fuel injectors have also been relocated into the baseplate, and feed annular discharge fuel rings that provide outstanding fuel atomization while minimizing restriction.

More than just a fancy throttle body, the Terminator system comes complete with injectors, fuel rails, a powerful ECU, a handheld controller, and a wiring harness that's pre-assembled to the throttle body unit. Since it's a direct bolt-in replacement for a 4150-style carb, any competent wrench can install the system in four to six hours. Tuning is as easy as following prompts on the handheld controller, then taking your car for a spin to allow the ECU to calibrate itself. Users also have the option of setting the ignition timing manually or controlling it through the ECU, as it's compatible with GM HEI and Ford TFI distributors.

As with the Avenger system, Holley's Terminator EFI is remarkably easy to use, yet extremely flexible should an engine combo ever get upgraded beyond the system's 600hp capacity. Simply put, the Terminator ECU is nowhere close to running at full-tilt in its factory configuration. By simply downloading software to a laptop, then hooking it up to the Terminator ECU, users can unlock highly advanced features like methanol injection control, progressive nitrous control, and the ability to manage up to 16 fuel injectors.

To complete the system, all you have to do is add fuel. Holley has you covered there, too, with multiple fuel system options that include either an inline or in-tank pump, a pressure regulator, fuel hose, filters, and all necessary fittings.

"If you have the basic skills necessary to replace a carb, then you can easily install the Avenger EFI system." -Holley's Bill Tichenor

By The Numbers
What's included: throttle body, ECU, injectors, wiring harness, oxygen sensor, handheld controller, EFI software
Max power: 600 hp
Injector size: 80 lb/hr
Base kit PN: 550-405 (polished), 550-406 (hardcoat gray)
Optional items: high-pressure fuel system (PN 526-1)
Dealer network: yes, visit website for details
Street price: $2,099