Instead of taking a breather and riding out the success of its original EZ-EFI system, FAST listened to user feedback and made it even better. Aptly named EZ-EFI 2.0, the new system is more powerful and flexible than its forbear, but it's just as easy to use. And good golly, does this sucker look slick or what?

Housed in a throttle-body that's a spitting image of a four-barrel 4150 double-pumper carb are eight fuel injectors, as opposed to the original EZ-EFI's four injectors, which effectively doubles the horsepower capacity to 1,200. Also hidden inside the die-cast housing are the fuel rails and EFI-related sensors. This reduces the number of wiring connections and further enhances the system's good looks. Fuel control has been enhanced as well, with new pulse damper technology that allows the ECU to instantly adapt to E98, E85, and E15 blends as well as regular pump gas.

In addition to the improvements in fuel control, the ECU, computer software, and handheld controller have been completely revised. Whereas the original EZ-EFI system provided fuel control only, version 2.0 adds ignition control as well. Compatible with most aftermarket ignition boxes, EZ-EFI 2.0 offers provisions for spark timing and can also interface with a FAST crank trigger. "Ignition timing control establishes a distinct market split," says Brian Reese of FAST. "Some people want ignition control and fuel control in the same unit, and others are perfectly happy with a traditional stand-alone ignition system. Between the two versions of EZ-EFI, we can satisfy both markets. Additionally, we now have plug-and-play ignition control for coil-on-plug LS engines as well."

Last but not least, EZ-EFI 2.0's handheld controller is also all-new. The color touch-screen display is roughly the same size as a smartphone and features onboard diagnostic software. Like its predecessor, FAST offers both inline and in-tank fuel system options for its latest and greatest self-learning EFI system. So whichever FAST system you choose, it's hard to go wrong. "EZ-EFI 2.0 is all new, and the whole system has been refined," Reese explains. "It runs better, handles more power, adds ignition control, and is also compatible with nitrous. That said, the original EZ-EFI is still a great system, and will continue to provide a great starting point for those who want a more basic system."

"EZ-EFI 2.0's progressive fuel strategy program has allowed us to drive eight injectors and double the horsepower capacity over the first-generation system." —FAST's Brian Reese

By The Numbers
What's included: throttle body, ECU, injectors, wiring harness, oxygen sensor, handheld controller, EFI software
Max power: 1,200 hp
Injector size: 65 lb/hr
Base kit PN: 30326-KIT
Optional items: high-pressure fuel system (PN 307503)
Dealer network: yes, visit website for details
Street price: $2,699