In the early days of aftermarket fuel injection, drag racers turned to Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST) when their stock computers could no longer handle the demands of their giant-cammed, boost-ingested engine combinations. FAST has continued this race-bred tradition with its XFI system, but perhaps the company's most revolutionary product to date is its EZ-EFI system. While everyone wondered how to build an aftermarket EFI system that tuned itself, FAST was the first to make it happen.

Anyone who thinks self-learning EFI is only viable for weenie-spec engine combos needs to think again. During the R&D process, FAST engineers tested a Chevrolet Performance 572 crate motor on the dyno using the XFI system, and extracted 630 hp from the big-block after two hours of tuning. After swapping it out for the EZ-EFI system, the self-learning ECU netted the same 630 hp in just two dyno pulls. "To tune the EZ-EFI system, all you have to do is drive the car. I can't explain it any simpler," says Brian Reese of FAST.

Although the self-learning feature eliminates the need to customize the computer programming, that option is still available. "There's nothing else you need to do other than installing it and driving the car, but for those who are interested in tweaking or personalizing the tables, the EZ-EFI software includes advanced option menus that allow adjusting the air/fuel ratio targets as desired," Reese explains. "For all but exceptional cases, however, it really isn't necessary. All tuning changes are made through a handheld controller, so no laptop computer is necessary. Just to make it even easier for those who decide to customize their tunes, we have also added helpful hints and suggested ranges that appear on the controller to help set the air/fuel ratio targets."

The EZ-EFI system is a direct bolt-in replacement for any engine equipped with a square-bore carburetor flange, and the base kit includes the throttle-body, injectors, fuel rails, ECU, wiring harness, and handheld controller. FAST also offers optional fuel systems with your choice of either an inline or an in-tank fuel pump. FAST is so confident in its EZ-EFI system that it's backed by a lifetime warranty.

By The Numbers
What's included: throttle body, ECU, injectors, fuel rails, wiring harness, oxygen sensor, handheld controller, EFI software
Max power: 650 hp
Injector size: 65 lb/hr
Base kit PN: 30226-KIT
Optional items: high-pressure fuel system (PN 307503)
Dealer network: Yes
Street price: $1,784