Edelbrock E-Street EFI
From cylinder heads to carburetors, Edelbrock has perfected the art of bolt-on-and-go simplicity for decades. Not surprisingly, the company has incorporated that same idiot-proof approach to its new E-Street EFI system with overwhelming success. To go the extra mile, Edelbrock also offers three different fuel system upgrades to make the carb-to-EFI conversion process as simple as possible.

The heart of the system is a 4150-style throttle body that bolts on to any square-bore flange. It comes fully assembled with fuel rails, a progressive throttle linkage, and four 60-lb/hr injectors capable of supporting 600 hp. Installation is as simple as removing the carburetor, bolting up the throttle-body assembly, mounting the ECU and oxygen sensor, then hooking up the wiring harness. Perhaps the coolest part of the entire E-Street package is a 7-inch touch-screen tablet that's used to program the ECU and serves as a graphic interface. Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need to run wires from the tablet to the ECU for the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

After entering some very basic engine parameters via the tablet-such as cylinder count, idle rpm, and rev limit-you're ready to turn the key and start driving. Immediately after the motor fires up, the E-Street system begins adjusting the air/fuel ratio on the fly based on feedback from the wideband oxygen sensor. Speaking of adjustments, users can easily change the target air/fuel ratio at idle, cruise, and wide-open throttle operation. The ECU offers control for cooling fans in addition to the ability to store custom programs. That means you can load up one tune for street cruising and another for maximum performance at the track. Should you ever get stuck, the tablet includes helpful installation videos as well.

To feed the system, Edelbrock offers three different fuel system options. There's a returnless-style system (PN 3603) for engines producing 500 hp or less, and a return-style system (PN 3604) that will support up to 650 hp. The super trick third option is Edelbrock's universal fuel reservoir kit (PN 3605) that uses the existing low-psi carb fuel pump at the tank to direct fuel to an underhood-mounted fuel cell. From there, a high-pressure pump and regulator integrated into the cell supplies fuel to the EFI system.

"Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need to run wires from the tablet to the ECU for the ultimate in convenience and flexibility."

By The Numbers
What's included: throttle body, ECU, injectors, fuel rails, wiring harness, oxygen sensor, control tablet, EFI software
Max power: 600 hp
Injector size: 60 lb/hr
Base kit PN: 3600
Optional items: high-pressure fuel system (PN 3604)
Dealer network: yes, visit website for details
Street price: $2,199