Jamb It!
Since the paint inside the doorjambs and underneath the hood and trunk lid was as badly weathered and resprayed as the rest of the car, we had to sand and prep them for paint as well. Thankfully, there were no issues to address in these spots, so the LATTC crew simply sanded them smooth with 3M 80-grit paper to ready them for a coat of DuPont Urethane Filler Primer.

To properly prime and paint the doorjambs and underneath the hood and trunk lid, as well as the cowl area normally hidden by the hood, the panels ideally need to be painted separately from the rest of the car. This allows the painter to easily reach all of the sides of the panel, which would be difficult were it still attached to the car. The LATTC students removed the hood, trunk lid, and doors and placed them on dollies in the spray booth for priming. Since blocking of these areas isn’t absolutely necessary after priming, we were able to spray color and clearcoat on them after the appropriate drying time.

Spraying Color & Clear
We decided to stick with our Mustang's original hue of Brittany Blue, so DuPont was kind enough to brew a new waterborne formulation of the color especially for our project. While waterborne paint carried with it a stigma for a few years, those fears have begun to subside since the technology from companies like DuPont have created waterborne paints that meet, and often exceed, the older solvent-based paints. All new cars are now sprayed with waterborne paints.

One huge advantage to DuPont's new waterborne paint is it delivers more complete coverage in fewer coats. Whereas it could easily take three to four coats for good color coverage with solvent-based paint, or a competitor's waterborne, it will only take one to two coats with DuPont's formulation. That's mostly because DuPont's water-based paints are higher solid paints, meaning they contain a high concentration of pigment. This can be a little trickier to spray if you've not used it before, as the resulting waterborne colors are a little thicker and consequently flow differently. But it does save a great deal of time and material, and it's a simple adjustment for a seasoned painter. If it's your first time, start with a spare panel to get a feel for it.

Waterborne paint also dries differently than solvent-based paint; it requires light airflow across the panel to allow the paint to dry fully before spraying the clearcoat. In our Spray Zone booth, the downdraft air will do the job, but otherwise CFM Guns (dryers) are required. After the recommended dry time of about 20 minutes in the Spray Zone booth with the downdraft and heat on, Ferre and the students gave the basecoat a light sanding with 3M 600-grit paper to remove any possible trash in the paint and create an ultra-smooth surface for the clearcoat. Then we were ready for clear.

Though there are some waterborne primers and clearcoats, most are traditional-style solvent based, though they will be low VOC now. As such, they flow out more like a traditional clearcoat. Ferre laid down a coat and half of clear (one fairly heavy, immediately followed by a light coat) of DuPont PremierClear LE 8700S.

We have to say, we've never seen clearcoat lay so perfectly flat, but we still plan to come back and wet sand it to perfection with help of the seasoned paint and body experts at Elite Restorations in Paramount, California, but clearcoated as-is out of the gun, it looks shockingly good. We could leave it as-is and drop jaws at any cruise night. Now that's testament to fine paint products, well sprayed!

What You’ll Need:DuPont Paint Supplies
PN: Qty.: Description: Unit cost:
A-3970S 3 Surface Klean, aerosol $9.25
22880S 3 ChromaPremier, Low VOC EtchPrimer (quart) $37.53
22806S 1 ChromaPremier, Etch Primer Activator/Reducer (quart) $38.92
LE 3404S 1 PremierFiller, Urethane Primer Filler (gallon) $205.70
LE 1185S 1 ChromaSystem, Primer Activator/Reducer (quart) $95.50
LE 3440S 1 ChromaPremier Primer Sealer (gallon) $210.90
Custom 1 CroMax Pro Waterborne Paint (gallon) $479.00
LE 8700S 1 PremierClear clearcoat (gallon) $235.95
E-4586 1 Sontara Primary Tack Cloth $13.42
E-4143 1 Sontara SPS Solvent Wash & Dry Cloths $22.32
E-4141 1 Sontara SPS Final Tack Cloth $7.56

3M Materials
PN: Qty.: Description: Unit cost:
01171 2 Platinum Plus Body Filler $42.99
31180 2 Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze $25.79
051131-05860 1 Dry Guide Coat $54.09

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