By The Numbers
1,005ci Big-Block Chevy

Block: Sonny’s Automotive Racing (SAR) billet with 2-inch raised cam
Crank: Sonny Bryant billet crankshaft
Rods: GRP billet aluminum
Pistons: SAR custom pistons
Balancer: ATI Super Damper
Timing set: Jesel beltdrive
Oil pan: custom Dailey Engineering
Oil pump: custom Dailey Engineering 7-stage lightweight dry-sump system
Cylinder heads: Sonny Leonard CNC-ported Special Edition hemispherical heads
Rocker arms: SAR/T&D/Jesel shaft-mounted rocker system
Intake: SAR sheetmetal Pro Stock intake with SAR/Accufab throttle bodies
Engine management: BigStuff3 EFI
Ignition: MSD Performance
Cam: custom 70mm camshaft with 121 LSA, 1.300-/1.315-inch valve lift and 290/319 degrees duration at .050
Lifters: keyed Cam Effects roller lifters with 0.950-inch wheels in a 1.095-inch body
Pushrods: ⅝-inch diameter; 11.300-inch intake, 12.735-inch exhaust
Distributor: custom MSD beltdrive
Plug wires: MSD Performance
Valve covers: Sonny’s billet valve covers

Sonny's Automotive Racing
352 Training Center Road
VA  24502