Of all the Mothers products outlined in our story, we were most impressed with Mothers Professional Foam Pad Polish, which before our unbelieving eyes transformed a chalky 30-year-old repaint into a crystal-clear shine. The key was using a high-speed buffer at 1,200 rpm with a waffle-shaped foam polishing pad. When preceded with the Mothers California Clay Bar system and followed up with an application of Mothers Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax, our Valiant could walk the walk with pride at any car show or cruise in the land.

All together, we spent a total of $4,324.30 on the car, the Coker rolling stock, Trans-Dapt wheel hub adapters, Mothers detailing products, and Dupli-Color spray paint. What we now have is a cool-looking boulevard cruiser that turns heads and elicits comments wherever it goes. It’s not the fastest thing on the road with a Slant Six, but we are in the game and rolling chill for basically chump change. The cool thing is, you can do it too—we just gave you the road map. Don’t let the 1 percenters have all the fun—get out there and occupy Goodguys!

Win Cool Mothers Stuff!

Lucky for you, we videotaped the entire rehab process on the Valiant and edited it into a cool 11-minute video. See Editor Hunkins, Steve Dulcich, Picture Car Warehouse, and Classy Cars Auto Detailing all in one action-packed episode! Just log on to www.YouTube.com/PopularHotRodding and look for the video named “1968 Plymouth Valiant—Weekend Rehab.” The first person to watch the video and tell us what interesting thing we found in the Valiant’s engine compartment gets a nice selection of Mothers car care products! Just email John.Hunkins@sorc.com before October 12, 2012 with the winning answer and your mailing address!

What To Get
Description: Source: PN: Cost:
’68 Plymouth Valiant Slant Six Craigslist.com NA $2,500
215/65R15 BFG redline radial reproduction Coker Tire 555750 $246 ea.
225/60R15 BFG redline radial reproduction Coker Tire 5797879 $228 ea.
Mopar 15x6 steel wheel, 5x4.5-bolt pattern Coker Tire MPRST156P $106 ea.
Mopar 15x8 steel wheel, 5x4.5-bolt pattern Coker Tire MPRST158P $106 ea.
O.E. Mopar hubcap Coker Tire 2050 $55 ea.
Wheel hub adapters, 5x4 hub to 5x4.5 wheel Trans-Dapt/Summit 7066 $61.95 pr.
Mothers California Gold Car Wash Mothers/Summit 05600 $4.25
Mothers PowerBall Mini Mothers/Summit 05141 $21.00
Mothers California Clay Bar System Mothers/Summit 07240 $16.95
Mothers Pure Carnauba Wax Mothers/Summit 05750 $11.75
Mothers Billet Metal Polish Mothers/Summit 05106 $12.75
Mothers Professional Foam Pad Polish Mothers/Summit 83432 $27.95
Chrome spray paint Dupli-Color/Summit CS101 $6.50
Satin black trim paint Dupli-Color/Summit TP70 $7.25

Summit Racing
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Coker Tire
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Classy Cars Auto Detailing
Trans-Dapt Performance Products
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