Engine: 360ci four-barrel

Trans: 727 TorqueFlite

Rearend: AMC Model 20

Suspension: stock with new bushings

Brakes: AMC disc brakes

Wheels & Tires: 16x8 Ford P-71 Police Interceptor wheels

1967 Plymouth Barracuda

Duncan Stoops, Henderson, NV

The motto of a famous luxury watchmaker states that you don’t own one of their timepieces, you merely take care of it for the next generation. Such is the case with Duncan Stoop’s ’67 Barracuda. His folks bought it used in 1970, and he remembers it fondly, writing that he recalls riding on family vacations with his sisters, sleeping with the back seat folded down. “I can remember seeing the blinkers flash from inside the trunk on those trips.” When his parents split, the car stayed with his mom, until Duncan got it when he went to college. Then Duncan sold it to dad in 1986, which was followed by the Barracuda doing a stint with his sister in the Air Force. It then went back to dad again when it got a fresh Sox & Martin paintjob before giving it back to Duncan in 1997.

In 2003, Duncan began blowing the car apart one more time to give it the treatment you see here. Although it’s “done,” we have to ask the age-old question: Is it really done? Duncan says larger wheels and tires, a stroker kit, a new posi unit, trick gauges, and new torsion bars are all in the planning stages. And “no,” you can’t buy it. Duncan plans to keep it in the family!

By The Numbers

Engine: ’70-vintage 340ci LA small-block Chrysler, bored .030-over, Holley 750-cfm carb, Mallory coil, Summit ignition box, TTI headers, Flowmaster Super 44s

Trans: four-speed automatic 4L60E conversion kit

Rearend: 8¾-inch Chrysler rearend with 3.23 gears

Suspension: Firm Feel steering box, homebuilt subframe connectors, tubular upper control arms, urethane bushings, 1.125-inch front sway bar, stock rear suspension (dropped 1 inch with front hangers reversed)

Brakes: Wilwood disc brakes front and rear

Wheels & Tires: Torq-Thrust 16x7 with 225/50R16 (front) and 255/50R16 (rear)

Color: ’05 Dodge Magnum gunmetal gray

1965 Ford Mustang

Lionel Roy, Blind River, Ontario, Canada

Lionel Roy grew up surrounded by his dad’s Mustangs, but his favorite of the bunch was a red ’65 coupe with a 289. He only remembers it vaguely, but he’s always known that he would have one like it someday. Eventually he zeroed in on exactly the right one; 30 hours of driving later he had his ’65 coupe rolling shell and an ’88 Mustang GT parts car. Having never built a car before, Lionel was a little bit lost to say the least. Lionel says, “with the wisdom and guidance of PHR and Internet forums, I am finally within spitting distance of my goal.” So far he has dropped in the 5.0 engine and T5 trans from the ’88, installed a full American Autowire harness and four-wheel discs from SSBC, and swapped EFI for a Holley carb. Luckily all the suspension was replaced and most of the bodywork done by the previous owner. Future plans include a dark gray metallic paint with blue stripes, a more aggressive cam, subframe connectors, and a high-end Pro Touring–style suspension. (The paint and stripes, in fact, were completed just in time for our cover shoot.) “Taking on this big of a project has been an amazing learning experience for me,” Lionel stated, “and the beginning of a lifelong hobby.”

By The Numbers

Engine: stock 5.0 from an ’88 Mustang GT, Edelbrock RPM Intake, Holley 600-cfm carb

Trans: stock ’88 T5

Rearend: 9-inch Ford

Suspension: rebuilt stock

Brakes: SSBC four-wheel discs

Wheels: 15x7 American Racing

1963 Dodge Dart GT

Mike Toupin, Fall River, MA