At the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge, Robinson and the SKMFX team put on a very respectable performance with their budget combination, showing a peak of 515 hp in qualifying with their stock-stroke iron-headed Mopar, while running on VP100 fuel. What was even more impressive was the very fat torque curve, exhibiting over 400 lb-ft at just 2,500 rpm, with max torque swelling to 495 lb-ft at a 4,800-rpm peak. These would be decent numbers for a mildly built stroker combination, and the output is exceptional for an engine with production-style heads. As Robinson explained: “I’ve done a few stroker 408s, and you need a lot of cylinder head for that engine. Most guys don’t have that budget, and with budget cylinder heads I like the power curve of the smaller stock-stroke engines.” Thinking about how sweet an engine with this power curve would run on the street, we can’t argue with that point.

Heads For Power

EngineQuest Magnum Heads

The EngineQuest (EQ) cast-iron Magnum cylinder head is an iron replacement head that delivers a surprising punch at an affordable price. These heads offer an improved alternative to stock with better flowing intake and exhaust ports for enhanced horsepower and torque. The castings feature a 172cc intake runner volume, with 62cc combustion chambers. The heads are cast in Australia, using a casting technique that produces an exceptionally smooth port surface for more flow and power. Used in box-stock form, these heads offer superior quality at an affordable price with no additional machining, porting, or polishing required.

The EQ Magnum cylinder heads are available for both the factory LA-series and later Magnum Mopar small-block engines. EQ’s part number CH318B head is machined with the LA-series–style intake pattern, while EQ’s part number CH318A features the vertical ’92-04 Magnum intake pattern. Both cylinder heads are built to accept the OEM Magnum-style valvetrain and rockers.

Besides the improved ports and flow, EQ has improved on the factory Magnum design with a thicker deck for added strength, added hardened exhaust seats for greater resistance to cracking, and redesigned the water flow system for improved thermal conductivity. With CNC-machined guides and seats, a superior port finish for increased flow, and a three-angle valve seat, EQ’s cylinder heads offer the best of both worlds—OE fit and greatly improved durability and performance. Each head is individually subjected to a rigorous 25-point inspection to ensure a quality product. For more information about EQ’s Magnum cylinder heads, phone 800-426-8771 or visit