Car Math Made Easy

Hot rodders are always crunching numbers, whether it’s figuring out how much shrinking the combustion chambers will bump up the compression ratio on an engine build, or determining what ring-and-pinion ratio is required to get to the finish line. Instead of having to bust out a reference book for the appropriate formula for such calculations, the auto:Math app does it for you. Just fill in the blanks and it will calculate displacement, compression ratio, tire size, gear ratio, and piston speed as well as vehicle weight distribution and center of gravity. It’s like having your own little math geek who calculates complex math formulas at will. For $1.99, the auto:Math app is practically free and available for iPhones at

Engine Tuner

If you think adjusting fuel and spark maps from a laptop is cool, Vivid Linq is going to usher in the next ice age. Superchips has been offering handheld engine devices for quite some time, but it now offers the same tuning power with your smartphone. There are two pieces to the Vivid Linq puzzle. The system includes a module that plugs into the vehicle diagnostic port, and an Android app that loads tuning software onto your smartphone. The two interface with each other via Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to tune a motor straight from their phones. In addition to the typical engine tuning features, the Vivid Linq interface boasts virtual gauges and can read trouble codes. It’s available for most popular GM, Ford, and Chrysler late-model performance cars. Get more info at

Welding Guide

Anyone can turn a wrench, but do you have the chops to lay down a clean weld? The answer is “no” for most hot rodders, but fear not, Miller Electric now offers a digital solution with its weld setting calculator. The app asks a few basic questions to assist the novice welder in setting up his welding gear properly. Simply enter the type of weld (MIG or TIG) you’ll be laying down, the type of material that’s being welded, metal thickness, and weld type, and the app will compute a recommended polarity, amp range, gas flow rate, and welding speed. It’s available free of charge for both iPhone and Android devices at

Cheap Gas, Please

Getting raped on gas prices is becoming an American tradition, but GasBuddy’s new mobile app can ease the sting. Enter your location by city or zip code, and the GasBuddy app will pull up a map of the lowest-priced gas stations in the area. Like Trapster, the database is updated by fellow users, and considering how passionate drivers are about price gouging at the pump, this strategy works very well with regular price updates. The app is of particular convenience for those weekends where you’re towing your race car, and need to track down that elusive diesel pump. The GasBuddy app is free for download for both iPhone and Android platforms at

Wiring Diagrams To Go

If you’re like most hot rodders, wiring is something you deplore. Since most of us aren’t smart enough to carry around a wiring diagram for critical electrical equipment in the glovebox, MSD has development a new ignition app. Let’s say you’re at the track, left your hood open during a torrential downpour, and need to diagnose your ignition system. Instead of guessing where all the wires go, you can now bust out your smartphone, and sift through MSD’s database of wiring schematics for everything from distributors to coils to ignition boxes. The app is also loaded with some general tech tips, and a list of distributors should you need to locate replacement parts. It’s free for download on iPhones at

Deal Finder

Everyone knows that online auction sites are a great place to score deals on parts. SpeedDealz offers an interesting twist by posting incredible blowout specials on overstock, closeout, and discontinued parts from the aftermarket’s biggest manufacturers. The site claims 50 to 75 percent discounts on everything from nitrous kits to EFI systems. This purchasing power can now be accessed right from your iPhone, and the app also offers a safe and secure checkout process. To download it for free, check out

Open Sesame

Most hot rodders have multiple rides, so chances are pretty good that you regularly pull up to your garage only to realize that you left the clicker in another car. Craftsman has the fix with its garage door opener app. The only downer is that it requires purchasing a $250 Craftsman AssureLink garage door opener, but once it’s installed, it can be activated right from your smartphone. The app works for both iPhones and Android devices. Check out for more info, or search “AssureLink” at the iTunes or Android app stores.

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