Owners Tom Dillard and Mark Schwartz grew up in California’s South Bay wrenching on just about everything put in front of them. They graduated from De Anza College and worked on hot rods and muscle cars at various shops throughout the Bay Area. In the late ’90s, they attended Dan’s Auto Tech school and started their own business, Campbell Auto Restoration in Campbell, California. They had no trouble starting a customer base with the reputation they had earned over the last decade. They focus on American cars from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, as well as import exotics. Now they keep their nine shop guys busy building showstoppers that are ready for anything. One of their ’70½ Camaros scored the highest in the U.S. Camaro Club concourse history, taking home a 93.5 percent score out of a 4,000-point judgment.

One of their ’70½ Camaros scored the highest in the U.S. Camaro Club concourse history…

Despite troubling economic times, Campbell Auto Restoration has been more than busy, thanks to customers like Linda Perham. She’s a return customer who has followed these guys through every shop they worked at. Her and her husband have an impressive collection of Mark and Tom’s builds, the newest being this ’66 Mustang convertible.

Campbell flexed its metalworking muscle in Linda’s convertible, with all-metal fender flares that were crafted from almost a dozen reproduction fenders and quarter-panels. They also created a new mold for a Cobra R-type front bumper to fit the new shape of their fenders. These details make this ’66 convertible something special.

By The Numbers

’66 Mustang Convertible

Linda Perham • Monte Sereno, CA

583 hp, 540 lb-ft


Type: 427ci Windsor Roush IR

Block: Dart

Rotating assembly: forged crank, H-beam rods, Wiseco pistons

Cylinder heads: Roush aluminum

Camshaft: Roush proprietary

Valvetrain: 2.08-/1.60-inch valves, 1.6:1 extruded aluminum rockers

Induction: Weber-style eight-stack injection, Roush EFI

Cooling: Ron Davis radiator, dual SPAL fans

Fuel system: Rick’s Hot Rods stainless tank with in-tank Bosh pump

Exhaust: custom Lemons headers, Campbell stainless X-pipe, mini converters, and Elderberry mufflers


Transmission/shifter: T56 six-speed manual, McCloud dual-disc clutch

Driveshaft: DynoTech

Rear axle: Moser 9-inch, 3.70 gears, DynaTrack posi


Front suspension: Total Control Products coilovers and tubular control arms

Rear suspension: Campbell custom pushrod coilovers, Panhard bar, splined sway bar

Brakes: Baer six-piston, 13.5-inch rotors


Body: custom flares, front Cobra R fiberglass front bumper sectioned and re-glassed, custom rear bumper made from scratch

Paint: Glasurit B/C custom red mix


Wheels: 17x8.5 and 17x10.5 Budnik

Tires: 265/40R17 and 295/35R17 Michelin PS2