16. Room Temperature Vulcanizing Tooling (RTV)

The Room Temperature Vulcanizing Tool (RTV) was used to create the Harbinger Mustang’s headlight/taillight buckets, taillights, center console, shifter arm, vortex generating quick jack access ports, center caps, horn button, push-button starter, and armrests/door pulls.

Forecast3D actually developed in-house an innovative take on RTV tooling, dubbed ProCast, that it uses to create parts. RTV usually begins with a model made from SLA, which is then used to create molds from various epoxies, urethanes, silicons, or even medical-grade materials. Typically RTV is used for short-run parts, since the molds will quickly degrade, but considering the wide appeal of the parts created for the Harbinger, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more permanent molds created. Those headlight and taillight buckets, for example, are less than half the weight of originals, while fitting like stock.

In The End …

To survive changing times, interests, and generational culture shifts, businesses, and even hobbies, have to evolve to mirror society at large. From our view, hot rodding as a whole is moving in the right direction—toward better handling, better built, faster, and safer cars with the highest levels of creativity and technology ever seen. The future of hot rodding really couldn’t be brighter!