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Kaase Fuel Injection

Jon Kaase has announced his latest Boss ’9 design, energized by an interesting new intake manifold with a hidden plenum below and stack injection above. According to Kaase, this new stack-injected Boss ’9 engine has exceptional torque and tractability—qualities not usually associated with stack injection. The hidden plenum on the underside of the Boss ’9 intake manifold equalizes the pressures in all induction tracts and provides the engine with a clean, consistent idle, excellent part-throttle performance, and instantaneous throttle response. The plenum also provides for brake vacuum and empowers the MAP sensor, which has a major influence in the metering of fuel.

Kaase claims that on a typical 520ci engine with 9.8:1 compression ratio, hydraulic tappets, and running on pump fuel, the stack injection engine outpaces its carbureted rival by an extra 30 lb-ft of torque. Although 520 ci has been the most popular engine displacement, Boss ’9s are available from 429 to 600 cubes. Constructed with either a cast-iron or a cast-aluminum engine block and topped with Kaase’s efficient Hemi cylinder heads, Boss ’9 engines are also available in carbureted versions accepting 4150- and 4500-style carburetors, as well as Keith Wilson’s EFI system, and various BDS blower units.


Jon Kaase Racing Engines Inc.

Ram Clutch

Hydraulic Release Bearing

The two greatest obstacles rodders and racers face when installing a competition-style hydraulic release bearing are determining the correct amount of bearing movement on the piston sleeve and the exact proximity of a fully retracted release bearing to the diaphragm clutch fingers.

An easy solution is Ram’s new heavy-duty universal release bearing (PN 78180HD, $199) in combination with their new HSA clutch adjuster, which we covered in the previous issue of PHR. The bearing features bigger O-rings on the piston sleeve and housing, and has additional sealing provided by Teflon backing rings. As a solution to the second problem, Ram provides the installer with sufficient shims and spacers, and also supplies measuring information on its website. This new universal bearing (which is sold with fittings, bleed line, and bleed screw) is available for most late-model performance vehicles, early muscle cars, street rods, and Cobra kit cars.


Ram Clutches

Pace Performance

A/C Relocation Kit

Frame and front crossmember clearance issues have been a real problem when installing GM LS engines in muscle cars, and that’s why Pace Performance has developed their Pace Pac LS Truck Engine A/C Compressor Relocation Kit ($489.95). This inexpensive kit relocates the A/C compressor to the upper right hand (passenger side) of the engine. This package also eliminates the need for a second belt to drive the compressor and converts your drive system to a single serpentine belt. The kit includes a new, natural finish, Sanden 508-style compressor, lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum brackets, pulleys, tensioner, zinc-plated fasteners, and serpentine belt.


Pace Performance

Big-Block Chevy

Brodix 24-Degree Heads

The new rectangular-port BP BB-3 Xtra 380 is the latest in the Brodix line of 24-degree cylinder heads. The 380 flows over 440 cfm with newly designed combustion chambers, exhaust ports, and intake ports. The new 3 Xtra cylinder head uses standard rockers, rectangular-port intake manifold, and 24-degree valve angle pistons, allowing racers another great choice for their 565-600ci engines. Call your nearest Brodix dealer for details.



The Wheel Deal:

Rocket Injector Series

The Rocket Injector Series wheel revives the traditional hot rod styling inspired by hot rods and drag cars from the ’50s and ’60s, and at a price most budget-minded enthusiasts can afford. You can even mix or match the Rocket Injector Series with the Rocket Launcher Series wheels for the perfect big ’n’ littles combo on your hot rod, muscle car, or vintage drag car. Rocket Injector Series wheels are precision crafted, and designed and tested to meet or exceed U.S. DOT requirements and SAE standards. They are available in fully polished and full satin “as-cast” finishes. The Rocket Injector Series is available in a 15-inch rim diameter, with widths in 4.5-, 8-, and 10-inch sizes. Cost for a typical 15x8 (full satin) is around $190 each.


Rocket Performance Machine (RPM)

Problem Solver:

AMSOIL INC. Engine Flush

AMSOIL INC.’s Engine & Transmission Flush is a potent formula that cleans sludge and deposit buildup, promoting lower operating temperature, and reducing oil consumption. Over time, deposit buildup can cause power and performance loss, resulting in restricted oil flow to vital engine and transmission parts. AMSOIL INC. Engine and Transmission Flush is a multiuse solution that dissolves and disperses sludge, varnish, and deposits in a single treatment.

The advanced light base-oil technology in AMSOIL INC.’s Engine and Transmission Flush prepares engines and transmissions for the installation of new motor oil or transmission fluid while restoring peak performance and power. In addition, it loosens sticky valves and helps quiet lifter noise. In transmissions, it helps unclog fluid passages, improves erratic shifting, and promotes smoother operation and longer transmission life. AMSOIL INC. Engine and Transmission Flush is recommended for both diesel and gasoline engines, and automatic transmissions.



Race Rubber Remover

If the sound of screaming engines and the smell of burning rubber are part of your lifestyle, then you know how a day at the track can throw melted rubber, asphalt, bugs, and other debris all over your beautiful race car. Now your problems are over with Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover. Mothers R3 (available in a 24-ounce spray bottle, PN 09224) is a prostrength cleaner that is tough on tenacious rubber and grime, but gentle enough for paint, glass, vinyl wrap, and other exterior surfaces-all of the common problem areas that keep you from looking your best on the track or on the street. Simply spray and wipe. It's that easy.