With the rear suspension handled by Craig Chaffers and the R&D crew at CPP, we are well on our way to turning Project Nova into a credible street/strip/autocross warrior. We can't wait to flog it, but first we'll need to tackle the CPP disc brake upgrade to the front and rear, and finish it off with a quick-ratio steering gear, also from CPP. Once that is complete, we'll address our slipping Turbo 400 and see if we can improve the exhaust with a larger set of Hooker headers.

Driveshaft Solution
As our '68 Nova project becomes transformed from a grocery getter to a Corvette beater, we've had to integrate the new suspension with a beefier rearend, and take into account our future transmission plans. Like many other projects, different transmissions, rearends, and suspensions can dictate a custom driveshaft to make it all work together. Even in rare cases where dimensions don't change, sometimes you need more beefcake in the prop shaft, or you need a stronger yoke assembly. No matter what your need, Inland Empire Driveline Services can build the right piece.

We've been proceeding with the suspension, steering, and brake upgrades at Classic Performance Products, and IEDS was glad to help. IEDS sent out driveline tech Jesse Lopez to take our measurements and get a handle on our power transfer requirements. The first thing Lopez did was determine that our Turbo 400 had an internal O-ring in the output shaft, as indicated by the threaded hole in the shaft end. This determines how the new yoke is machined and is very important to note when ordering.

Next, Lopez measured the distance between the end of the tailshaft and the mating face of the pinion cap (it was 54 5/8 inches with our Moser 12-bolt). The inside diameter of the cross-shaft at the rear pinion was noted at 1 3/16 inches, and the output shaft length protruding beyond the tailhousing was noted. Lopez also asked some questions about the power output of our Dart SHP 400 and our intended use (autocross, cruise, road race, and occasional drag race), then suggested an aluminum shaft.

One cool thing about IEDS is that they build each driveshaft as a custom order-there are no off-the-shelf units because most every hot rod or race car is different. For that reason, IEDS offers on-location service to local customers like us. When the people who build them are doing the measuring, it takes all the guesswork out of the equation. When they're done measuring, they build your driveshaft, balance it, and deliver it locally within 48 hours, guaranteed.

CPP Sport multileaf spring kit fits '68-74 Nova and '67-69 Camaro $375
KYB Gas-Adjust shocks CPP PN KY-1107 $39 ea.
Inland Empire driveshaft aluminum, 1350-series yoke $535
Total: $988