'66 Mustang Trans-Mod
Chop Shop Customs owner and fabricator Lenny Neault came from a full-time career in the collision and refinishing field. He started accepting side jobs that he would work on at home after hours, but he began receiving more requests than his less-than-part-time schedule could accommodate. When strangers started asking him to do work on their cars, Neault knew something would have to change. Lucky for him his boss at the time gave him an ultimatum, and he started his business full time in 2004.

Mustang owner Tim Brown was referred to Neault from another shop that specializes in quick turnaround projects. Tim wanted a Trans-Am-style muscle car with a modern twist. Neault had been hoping to stumble on a customer who wanted to have such a car built. He was able to take Tim's guidance and use artistic freedom and run with the idea.

The '66 Mustang was initially supposed to be a relatively quick rebuild, but the project quickly grew legs and became a full rotisserie job. Like most projects-including my own Mustang-the project drew out for financial reasons, but is now on the final stretch to the finish line.

Timothy Brown • Woburn, MA
Performance: 425 hp
Type: 347ci small-block Ford
Block: 302 Windsor, iron
Rotating assembly: Scat crank, Wiseco
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock aluminum
Victor Jr.
Camshaft: COMP Cams hydraulic roller
Valvetrain: COMP rockers and lifters
Induction: Dynatech EFI
Ignition: MSD Pro Billet distributor, 6AL box
Cooling: Raceware aluminum
Fuel system: Aeroquip black fittings, sumped
tank, Holley blue electric pump
Exhaust: Pypes X-pipe
Fasteners: ARP
Transmission/shifter: Tremec TKO 600
Rear axle: Fab 9-inch, 3.50 gears,
Strange axles
Front suspension: Total Control coilovers and
tubular control arms
Rear suspension: Total Control G-bar
Brakes: Willwood discs
Body: Chop Shop Customs sidescoops,
chrome trim, hoodscoop, shaved cowl,
shaved bumper bolts, custom roll pan
Paint: Ford Taurus Burgundy Metallic
Wheels: Billet Specialties Bonneville-G
Tires: BFG KDW

'67 Nova Domestic Import
Jason Whitlock grew up in a Ford-only family, but his rebellious tendencies drew him to like everything else. In his early years, Jason's walk to and from school brought him past the same bone-stock Nova that initially had a modest appeal, but which grew through the years.

Jason traveled to Kuwait after high school as a soldier in the army, and after his time was up, he took a job as an engineer for a major oil company. He met his wife, Dalal, also an engineer, and has made Kuwait his home for almost a decade. His only complaint is that there just isn't enough muscle out there. You would think with all the oil, there would be more muscle cars, but it's mostly exotics.

Jason was clicking through the cars listed on eBay and came across this '67 located in Idaho. The location of the car was fairly arbitrary because it would be shipped overseas. He bought the car and had it sent to Jeff Schwartz's shop. Having someone work on your car in Kuwait is a very different experience than here in the States. Picture monkeys banging wrenches against metal, and you'll get the picture. When working on his M3, Jason heard about a shop called G-Force Autoworks, so he decided to check it out. Jason is excited to get the Nova out there and show the guys at the shop what a real muscle car is!

1967 NOVA
Jason Whitlock, 38 • Kuwait
Performance: 575 hp, 675 lb-ft of torque
Type: 427ci GM LS7
Block: aluminum
Oiling: LS7 dry sump, Peterson tank
Rotating assembly: Wiseco pistons,
GM forged crank, K1 rods,
9:1 compression
Cylinder heads: CNC ported
Camshaft: Schwartz custom grind
Induction: Schwartz twin turbo
Ignition: GM coil-on-plug
Fuel system: Schwartz harness
Exhaust: Schwartz custom headers
Front suspension: bolt-in Schwartz
Performance full frame,
QA1 shocks, splined sway bar,
AGR steering, Schwartz spindles
Rear suspension: QA1 shocks
Brakes: Wilwood six-piston with
13-inch rotors (front),
four-piston (rear)
Transmission/shifter: Tremec T-56 Magnum,
Hurst shifter
Rear axle: Winters 9-inch,
Moser gears, posi
Body: mini-tub
Paint: PPG

'72 Nova ResurreXion
Blake Foster started out with a shop called Killer Customs where they built almost a dozen high-profile Pro Touring-style cars that made it out to major events like SEMA. They got a name for themselves, and when the opportunity to acquire Speed Tech came up, they pounced. At the time, Speed Tech had a couple of products for first-gen Camaros and some others, but the company was in its infancy. They also bought American Touring Specialties to add to their portfolio. Unfortunately, the parts biz effectively put Killer Customs on hold.

Nevertheless, they would need a test mule to tune their parts, so the Killer Customs car building skills would still come in handy. This '72 X-body named ResurreXion would be the perfect testbed and show car for all the new parts they were developing.

The Nova started out as a Super Chevy project car that was using Speed Tech parts, and Speed Tech bought the project to finish it up. Blake and company built the car more as a racer than a street car, but it still has a comfortable feel with a complete interior, including carpet and headliner. Since they put mini-tubs in, Speed Tech built a fake rear seat that was upholstered to match the front seats-it's a great detail to keep the clean look inside and out.

Blake Foster, 42 • Meadows, BC, Canada
Type: GM LS 6.0-liter
Block: six-bolt LQ9 iron
Oiling: factory
Rotating assembly: nodular-iron crank,
powdered rods, cast pistons
Cylinder heads: aluminum
Camshaft: COMP Cams .578-inch lift
Valvetrain: COMP roller rockers with
titanium retainers
Induction: LS2 intake
Ignition: MSD coils
Cooling: PRC radiator with SPAL fans
Fuel system: Aeromotive A1000 pump, inline
filter, billet fuel rails, marine regulator
Exhaust: Speed Tech headers, 3-inch pipes
Wheels: 18x9 and 18x12.5
Forgeline Diamond Cut
Tires: 265/35R18 and 335/30R18BFG KDW
Transmission/shifter: Viper T-56 six-speed,
McLeod short-throw shifter
Driveshaft: Bears 3-inch chromoly
Rear axle: Bears sheetmetal 9-inch with
Strange aluminum center, 3.89 gears,
31-spline axles, and Truetrac posi
Front suspension: Speed Tech bolt-in front
Rear suspension: Speed Tech torque arm
Brakes: Baer Pro Plus six-piston 14-inch rotors
Body: work by Speed Tech
Paint: PPG black
Wheels: 18x9.5 and 18x1 titanium-coated
center Forgeline WC3
Tires: 275/30R18 Nitto NT05

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