'70 Chevelle
High Failure Rate
"When I was old enough to work on real vehicles and put the models aside, it was all about how things looked. I would paint the car first and worry about mechanical issues after I thumbed a ride home," Chevelle owner Scott Kehir says. Obviously something has changed in the years since, as he has done just about everything you can do to a '70 Chevelle, minus anything cosmetic. "It took a long time to learn that you get more satisfaction from something that has a strong foundation than something that only looks good on the outside," Scott says, but admits he would like to get around to putting some paint on this car someday.

In 1987 this Chevelle cost $500, purchased from a young couple who had used it to travel across the country to Boston after their wedding. With a tired 307 coughing out large amounts of oil past its stained and faded white paint body, it was a perfect start for Scott's project. The car had acquired absolutely no rust, a huge plus for Scott. A small speed bump in getting the car home cost him $350 to an impound lot after the local cops busted Scott for tugging it home with a towstrap. A whole magazine could be written about the trials this car put him through over his journey across the country back to Southern California.

The last years building the car have been a learning experience for Scott; he got his feet wet in everything from fabrication to brake systems, and he is now well practiced in the art of spray painting.

F. Scott Kehir • Los Angeles, CA
Type: 400ci small-block Chevy
Block: four-bolt main, cast iron
Oiling: Stef's oil pan, high-volume pump, oil cooler
Rotating assembly: SRP forged pistons, I-beam rods, forged crank
Cylinder heads: Pro Topline, aluminum 200cc intake runners, 64cc chambers
Camshaft: Isky 292 Mega hydraulic .505-inch lift, 244 degrees duration at .050
Valvetrain: 2.02/1.60-inch valves, COMP rockers
Induction: port-matched Edelbrock Victor Jr., 750-cfm Holley carb
Ignition: Davis Unified HEI, Taylor wires
Cooling: Weiand water pump, four-core radiator, dual SPAL 13-inch fans
Fuel system: Holley pump, ½-inch hard line, Earl's filter
Exhaust: 1¾-inch primary headers, 3-inch Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers
Wheels: Centerline Auto Drags
Tires: BFG Radials for the street, M/T Drag at the track
Transmission/shifter: TH350, B&M Transpak, TCI 3,000-rpm 10-inch converter
Rear axle: GM 12-bolt narrowed 1-inch with Ford ends, 3.73 gears, Tom's axles
Front suspension: SPC upper control arms, Howe ball joints to adjust spindle height, 1¼-inch sway bar, polyurethane bushings
Rear suspension: QA1 Stocker Star shocks, 1-inch sway bar, Edelbrock adjustable upper control arms
Brakes: Hurst line lock, stainless brake lines, drilled and slotted rotors, front; aluminum F-body drums, rear
Body: fiberglass front bumper
Paint: rattle can black and a 20-year patina