Item: PN: Price:
Moser 12-bolt housing (base pricing) N/A $1,804
Moser 3.08:1 gears 12B308 (included)
Moser setup kit R12B (included)
Large Ford axle housing ends 7750 (included)
Assembly N/A (included)
Multileaf spring pads (Included)
Wavetrac 35-spline 3-series differential 5W1235-3 $887.50 upgrade
Moser Performance cover 7110 $135 upgrade
Semigloss black powdercoat $250 upgrade
Moser 1350 steel pinion yoke PY100 $40 upgrade
TOTAL: $3,116.50

Catch The Wavetrac
The Wavetrac is brand-new differential made in the United States by Autotech Driveline. It's a gear differential that provides torque biasing, yet it has a couple of advantages over other torque-biasing differentials. When one drive tire has zero or nearly zero traction, most torque-biased differentials have a difficult time sending significant torque to the other tire. This is also true when transitioning from accel to decel. The Wavetrac uses wave-cut mating surfaces (shown in photo) on the side gears to provide torque to both tires in these situations. As the side gears move at different speeds, the wave surfaces climb each other. This pushes the side gears apart, creating internal load. The result is torque biasing in all drive situations and a smooth transition of power during the change from accel to decel. Basically, it's the perfect autocross and road race differential that should also provide extremely good traction on the dragstrip without any driveability issues on the street. The Wavetrac has a few other unique features, one of which is a transferable, limited lifetime warranty that even covers racing. You don't see that on many high-performance components!