McKeown 4.6L Mod Motor
Bore: 3.552 inches
Stroke: 3.543 inches
Displacement: 281 actual cubic inches
Compression ratio: 11.4:1
Camshaft: COMP hydraulic roller
Cam duration: 256/262 degrees
at .050-inch tappet rise
Valve lift: .580/.540 inch
Rocker ratio: OEM 1.69 ratio
Top ring: 1.5 mm
Second ring: 1.5 mm
Oil ring: 3 mm
Piston: Probe, dished
Block: OEM
Crankshaft: OEM
Rods: Probe 5.933 H-beam
Cylinder head: Trick Flow Twisted Wedge
Intake valve diameter: 1.90 inches
Exhaust valve diameter: 1.46 inches
Intake manifold: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Carburetor: Pro-Systems modified Holley 950 HP
Fuel Injection: FAST XFI
Header: MME custom 1 5/8, stepped to 13/4
Ignition: MSD Digital 7
Damper: ATI