Best for racers?
FASTMotorsports recommends that the best system for racers is a custom solution, which matches their needs both in relation to the hardware and the support required to allow them to be self sufficient with their setup. They don't offer turnkey racer packages specifically, although all of the packages have been used successfully in race cars.

What do you get?
The Chevy V-8 kit is the most complete kit for those who want to convert to EFI. It includes all the wiring, ECU, crank trigger and distributor, sensors, and injectors you need. It's meant for the guy who wants something to drop on his engine and still use the existing ignition.

The LS kit is for those swapping an LS engine into an older vehicle and includes the ECU, wiring harness, injectors, and uses the OEM sensors and coils to run the engine for any non drive-by-wire LS series engine.

The Three-Wire EFI kit is for those who want to step into EFI from an existing running carbureted engine. It requires the user to make three connections, switched 12 V, ground, and a connection to the tach signal on the existing ignition box. It has only two sensors standard, a MAP sensor (good to 30 psi of boost) and a coolant temperature sensor for cold-start enrichment. It includes a generic wiring harness for any V-8 engine and eight injectors. If you can make the three connections and get the distributor in time, it will start and run. It can even be used with a standard-style carburetor fuel pump and no return line.

What options are available?
Traction control, idle control, antilag, turbo boost control, flat shift, two-step rev limiter, data logging and wideband lambda control are all options on all listed kits.

How do I tune it?
FASTMotorsports' guaranteed-to-start-and-run Basemap is included in all packages. They'll need to know some specifics about the engine, but as long as you can make the connections, they can get you up and running so you can drive to the dyno. Remote tuning service via the Internet is available, or tuning software is available as a free download from the MoTeC website so the customer can tune it directly using a laptop and a USB-to-serial interface.

How much?
The Chevy V-8 kit retails at $6,500, the MLS kit base price is $4,000, and the Three-Wire EFI kit is $3,500.

FASTMotorsports/ST Consulting

What packages do they offer?
Motorvation builds Motorvator EFI Street Rod and Drag Race packages, and a kit to convert a factory GM two-barrel into a 750-cfm four-barrel TBI, or carb to EFI with a GM ECU or aftermarket controller.

Easiest kit?
The New Street Rod EFI package is available for all engine combinations with either throttle body or port injection, and uses a simple tuning process that only requires a few pages of instructions.

Best for racers?
The Drag Race EFI package is designed per the customer's needs and is capable of supporting 1,000-1,800 hp on gasoline and up to 3,000 hp on alcohol.

What do you get?
The Street Rod EFI kit includes the Motorvator ECU, throttle body, TPS sensor, IAC, injectors, 1-inch spacer, air temp sensor, water temp sensor, MAP sensor, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, ECU, wiring harness, tuning software, and cable. The Drag Race EFI System includes a Motorvator ECU, harness, software, sensors, fuel pump, fuel regulator, fuel filter, injectors, intake and/or throttle body, two-stage nitrous or IAC control, GM sensors, and compatibility with up to a five-bar MAP sensor for boost applications.

What options are available?
Beltdrive-style fuel pump, custom injector sizes, wideband oxygen sensor, low- or high-impedance injector compatibly, 750 cfm to 1,150 cfm 4150-style throttle bodies, and 2,000-cfm dominator-style throttle bodies. Race options include alcohol and E85 tuning and fuel component upgrades, multipoint injection intake conversions, and internal data logging.