What do you get?
Pro-Flo 2 and Pro-Flo XT systems both include everything needed to install electronic fuel injection including the intake manifold, throttle body, fuel injectors, ECU, engine/chassis harness, handheld calibration module, sensors (MAP, IAT, TPS, oxygen, coolant temp), fuel pump, fuel supply lines, fuel filter, software, installation fasteners and hardware, and digital I-Link tech support which allows the Edelbrock team in Torrance, California, to see your EFI map when connected to a laptop and wireless Internet connection.

XT-Plus and XT-R are engine management systems that include the engine ECU and appropriate harness. Racers can select Edelbrock induction components, including EFI intake manifold, fuel rails, and throttle body for their purpose-built application.

What options are available?
Pro-Flo 2 and Pro-Flo XT kits are complete and are available with several different injector sizes depending on the kit (29 lb/hr, 35 lb/hr, 44 lb/hr, or 60 lb/hr Siemens). If a customer orders a kit with one injector spec and later requires another, Edelbrock offers an exchange policy. Unused injectors are shipped back to Edelbrock and a new set is shipped to the customer (in any available size) for $75. Edelbrock will also work directly with customers or tuning shops on custom configurations.

How do I tune it? The Pro-Flo 2 and Pro-Flo XT use Flash Programmable technology. This allows the creation and use of an unlimited number of engine tune-ups to be saved and loaded into the ECU using a laptop. Edelbrock worked closely with California-based EFI Technology, to ensure the software was state-of-the art.

Handheld Calibration Module (HCM): Think of it as the remote control for your engine's performance. The HCM was developed for the original Pro-Flo, providing the first programmable EFI system that didn't require complicated computer tuning. Simply put, the HCM allows you to change fuel and ignition curves right from the driver seat without a computer. You can create, save, and restore up to three unique calibrations any time; create a high-performance tune for racing, an 87-octane tune for cruising and long trips, or a unique tune for climate or altitude. Either way, no laptop or sophisticated equipment is required. You can do it yourself, right from the driver seat.

Tune on the fly with Pro-Flo XT Plus and Pro-Flo XTR. Custom laptop tuning software included with these systems features 40 rpm and 20 load sites (with adjustable breakpoints) for the main fuel and spark maps, giving the tuner nearly unlimited tune-ability.

How much?
Pro-Flo 2 Systems range from $3,200-$3,900, Pro-Flo XT Systems from $3,900-$4,500, Pro-Flo XT Plus Systems from $1,800-$2,000, and Pro-Flo XTR Systems $2,800-$3,200


What packages do they offer?
Currently, four distinctive Total Engine Control (TEC) Systems are available that incorporate a distributorless ignition system with comprehensive user-programmable EFI controls to suit almost any application from simple TBI setups, to the multi-injector per cylinder systems found on the most radical engines.

Easiest kit?
All Electromotive systems are fully PC programmable and have the necessary adjustability demanded by professional tuners. The software is laid out in such a way that newcomers to EFI tuning can get into the swing of tuning with relative ease.

Best for racers?
Electromotive has always worked at ground zero of the racing industry, so every Electromotive system incorporates not only the functions necessary for easy street tuning, but also all the features and adjustments needed by the most hard-core racers.

What do you get?
Every system incorporates fully programmable fuel injection with a high-resolution, high-output ignition system. This means no additional ignition boxes and controllers are needed with their systems.