How do I tune it?
The Powerjection system only requires a few basic engine parameters (engine torque, manifold type, camshaft, and a few other inputs), then hit a button and the computer designs a complete fuel map for your engine. The Adaptive Learning feature continues to tune itself as you drive, however, for heavy-duty gearheads, all of the fine-tuning and cell mapping is programmable.

How much?
Complete Powerjection III throttle-body systems retail for around $1,800, stripped-down versions minus pump, filter, and regulator go for a little over $1,600. The Powerjection II port-style system varies depending on the engine used, but starts as low as $2,300, and ranges up to just under $3,500.

Professional Products

What packages do THEY offer?
Redline says that their range of applications is endless: If it has pistons they can operate it. Redline hasn't forgotten their Weber history though. They also offer complete fully programmable ignition management for those wanting to run carbs on late-model engines. The newest application is a manifold kit (EFI or Weber carbs) for Ford Mod motors.

Easiest kit?
All of the Redline kits are fully programmable sequential fuel-injection systems that are designed for street, strip, and off-road. Three complete packages come ready to run based on the electronic systems: fuel only, fuel and distributor-based ignition, and fuel and distributorless coil-on-plug programmable ignition.

Best for racers?
Redline specializes in designing custom kits for racers, such as the injection package they created for the DragonFire Racing/Team Green Teryx that took the 2009 win in the Sportsman UTV Division of the SCORE Baja 1000 and SCORE Baja 500.

What do you get?
The kits can vary widely. The Ford big-block, for example, includes throttle body, intake manifold, a billet capstan linkage kit with a 36-inch cable, a fuel rail kit with -AN fittings, fuel pressure regulator, air horns (50mm or 35mm tall), billet center linkage kit, -10 rails, MAP sensor, and a vacuum accumulator.

What options are available?
Throttle body, custom injector air horn height, straight versus angled stacks on some systems. Systems can be ordered as stand-alone engine management, or just ignition-only for the Weber option.

How do I tune it?
Real-time tuning using Windows-based software from Redline-Weber

How Much?
$3,500 to $6,000


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