What options are available?
Pre-engineered crank-trigger kits for easy integration of distributorless ignition systems on engines originally equipped with distributors, as well as an assortment of components to address the specific needs of racers

How do I tune it?
All Electromotive systems include a fully loaded software package, but are also tunable with the new WinTEC4 software using a computer running Microsoft Windows.

How much?
The most cost-effective control systems for four-cylinder engines start at just over $1,000, with V-8 systems starting at $1,749. Top-of-the-line systems can get into the $3,000-$4,000 range.

Electromotive Inc.

What packages do they offer?
EZ-EFI: Designed as a 4150-style carb replacement on distributor-equipped engine combinations up to 600 hp, the self-learning technology does all the work and eliminates the tuning anxiety that many enthusiasts have with aftermarket EFI. This is the perfect setup for muscle cars and street rods that want modern twist-the-key-and-drive convenience.

XFI: Intended for all-out race and very high-end street performance applications, this system is completely laptop tunable for varying race conditions and the most exotic engine combinations, and has advanced features for dialing in maximum performance. Transplant XFI kits are also available for late-model EFI coil-on-plug engines, such as GM LS series, Ford 2V, 3V, and 4V modular families, and Chrysler Hemi.

Easiest kit?
The EZ-EFI System was designed for the guys who enjoy the simplicity of a carb, yet want the modern convenience of EFI without hassling with a laptop. The self-tuning feature makes corrections based on the wideband oxygen sensor and builds a base fuel map as it operates in all areas of load versus rpm. The system only requires that the user input a few basic engine parameters such as engine displacement and fuel pressure to crank and begin tuning itself. The throttle body bolts to any four-barrel intake manifold and physically fits within the same space as a carburetor to eliminate hood clearance issues. It even uses the same linkage as a carburetor. Installation can be done in a day in your driveway.

Best for racers?
The stand-alone XFI system can handle practically any race car application, from the weekend bracket racer to 10.5 Outlaws. The massive flexibility allows racers to use any combination and range of power adders including superchargers, turbos, or up to four stages of nitrous. The transbrake control lets the automatic-equipped turbocharged racer easily prestage at a prescribed boost level for consistent launches, and the data-logging capability, individual cylinder tuning, and intelligent traction control allow precise tuning and consistency.

What do you get?
EZ EFI comes with an ECU, labeled wiring harness, throttle-body injector, all sensors including wideband oxygen, and a fuel system that includes a pump, filter, and regulator. EZ EFI is a fuel-only system that can easily be used with your existing distributor and ignition system. Complete XFI kits include an XFI ECU, clearly labeled wiring harnesses, intake manifold, fuel rails, throttle body, fuel injectors, all sensors including wideband oxygen, complete fuel system, dual-sync distributor, and installation and tuning DVD.

What options are available?
Complete XFI kits can be optioned with internal data logging, Intelligent Traction Control, and 16-injector control, to name a few. EZ-EFI kits can be upgraded with a 600hp fuel pump kit, a fuel pump hose and fitting kit, and a dual-quad option.

How do I tune it?
EZ-EFI: No tuning required; just answer a few simple questions about your engine with a supplied handheld setup tool that also functions as a diagnostic tool, and it's ready to crank. Automatic tuning occurs while you drive.