Best for racers?
Since the eight-stack 48mm throttle bodies will flow in excess of 3,200 cfm and support over 1,000 hp, many racers use Dynaformance's systems on GT-40 and Cobra replicas in vintage racing events and some are now using the system in NHRA drag racing. The Classic Fuel Injection has the vintage race appearance of Weber 48 IDA carburetors and are being considered for approval by several national and international sanctioning bodies.

What do you get?
Packages include intake manifold, throttle bodies with injectors (Ford Racing), velocity stacks, gaskets, air cleaners, linkage, EMS of choice including computers, main harness, injector harness, sensor package (TPS, MAP, coolant, amb air, oxygen sensor package, barometric, and more), and fuel lines between throttle bodies and fuel pressure gauge and fuel regulator.

What options are available?
Numerous options available include custom-fabricated manifolds by Dynaformance's in-house fab shop, polished manifolds, and throttle-body stacks, custom long stacks up to 16 inches and short stacks down to 11/8-inch, ACCEL, DFI, MoTeC, and FAST controllers, stacked or cross-ram manifolds; individual and multiple-stack air cleaners (with K&N elements) in powdercoat, chrome, or polished finishes. Manifolds, throttle bodies, and stacks can be powdercoated in 60 different colors; side or center-pull linkage

How do I tune it?
Tunable with your laptop using software provided or downloaded. An extensive tuning guide is provided in hard copy as well as an install guide. The CFI system comes with a library of preprogrammed tunes for a wide variety of different engine displacements and combinations but can be custom tuned as well.

How Much?
The system retails from $6,495 to $9,500 for a polished custom manifold cross-ram system with polished throttle bodies. Typically a small-block Ford or Chevrolet V-8 system with electronics is $6,495 retail, big-block Ford or Chevrolet is $7,495 retail, and 426 Mopar Hemi, Ford 4.6 and 5.4 modular motors, and LS3 stacked applications are $8,495. Cross-ram small-block Ford, 4.6, and 5.4 mod motors are approximately $9,500.

Dynatek Racing

What packages do they offer?
The Pro-Flo 2 (recognized by its traditional four-blade throttle-body assembly), and Pro-Flo XT EFI systems (recognized by its contemporary intake and 90mm GM-style front-mount throttle body). Both systems are full sequential port fuel injection and available for AMC/Jeep; small-block, big-block, and LS1 Chevy; small-block and big-block Chrysler; small-block and FE Ford; and Pontiac.

Easiest kit?
Both are designed to be easy bolt-ons; Pro-Flo 2 is for those who want the more traditional carb and round air-cleaner look, Pro-Flo XT is for those who want a contemporary look to go along with their newfound performance and efficiency.

Best for racers?
Edelbrock is currently developing and testing two systems on the strip; the Pro-Flo XT-plus, which is perfect for late-model engine swaps, and Sportsman racing where high-impedance injectors will be used. These are available for GM (small- and big-block), GM LS (24x ignition), Ford, and Chrysler. The software includes Speed Density (Map-N) and Speed Throttle (Alpha-N) tuning methods. The ECU offers real-time tuning on the fly; fully sequential injector timing; onboard data logging; four stages of nitrous control (dry or wet); dual or switchable on-the-fly calibrations; OEM-grade two-piece engine/chassis harness for easy installation; and RF frequency immunity.

The other system, the Pro-Flo XT-R, is still a bit hush-hush, but we can tell you it is the engine management Pat Musi is running on his Dodge Stratus Pro-Mod car, which was the first EFI-powered car to break the 5-second barrier on February 3, 2010 in Bradenton, Florida. It's safe to say it's a serious competition EFI system.