The students at the University of Northwestern Ohio where the EMC took place bolted the engine to one of two DTS dynos, attached the Hooker headers and Magnaflow mufflers to 13 feet of exhaust pipe, and woke the animal. After a five minute warm-up period, the dyno operator dropped the hammer on Barry's beast. Three back-to-back pulls later, the engine made so much torque that it rattled the flywheel bolts loose. Critical time was spent unhooking the dyno cart and sliding it forward to allow the fix, then it was back for duty. Though a bad electrical connection that surfaced during the flywheel thrash kept the "Plan B" engine from revving above six grand, it proved to be an incredible exercise showing that it doesn't take a year to build a 670hp pump-gas engine. It could be done in a couple weeks with the right parts, the right mindset, and friends who won't let you quit when "Plan A" goes to hell.

433ci Ford FE
Bore: 4.350-inch
Stroke: 3.640-inch
Displacement: 433 actual cubic inches
Compression ratio: 11.5:1
Camshaft: COMP solid roller
Cam duration: 256/264 degrees
at .050-inch tappet rise
Valve lift: .697/.697-inch
Rocker ratio: T&D Machine 1.9 ratio
Top ring: .017-inch Speed-Pro, Dykes
Second ring: .043-inch Speed-Pro
Oil ring: 4mm Speed-Pro
Piston: JE dished
Block: Genesis
Crankshaft: OEM
Rods: Carillo 6.700 H-beam
Cylinder head: Blue Thunder
Intake valve diameter: 2.200-inch
Exhaust valve diameter: 1.710-inch
Intake manifold: Dove High-Riser
Carburetor: Quick Fuel modified
Holley 4160 x 2
Header: Hooker
Ignition: MSD 7AL2
Damper: ATI