800-338-9080; www.unisteer.com

What models are covered?
'67-81 Camaro
'70-81 Firebird
'64-72 Chevelle, El Camino, and GM A-body
'62-67 Nova
'55-57 Chevy
'58-64 Impala
'641/2-70 Mustang
'60-65 Falcon
'68-72 B-Body Mopar
'70-74 E-Body Mopar
'28-34 Ford (bolt-in if currently using Vega-style box on a straight axle)

What do you get?
All Unisteer rack-and-pinion Impala kits come complete with all parts needed for installation, including rack, power steering pump kit, steering shaft, and mounting hardware

What options are available?
Packages are engineered per car, so the only optional upgrade is an ididit steering column, power or manual steering, and either chrome or powdercoat finish.

Why should I buy it?
Unisteer kits are designed with simplicity and weight savings in mind. Small, compact, and lightweight, the kit offers maximum ground clearance and can drop up to 65 pounds off the stock front end on some cars. Plus, the rack is designed to match the factory suspension geometry and generate little or no bumpsteer.

Are any modifications required?
No fabrication is required, but some kits do require modification of the original steering column. Also, a new steering shaft is required between the steering column and the rack-and-pinion, and for some cars it must be ordered separately by specifying the year, make, model, engine type, and stock or aftermarket steering column.

How do I buy it?
Direct from Unisteer/Maval or though their large nationwide dealer network

How much does it cost?
Most kits are around $1,500.

Performance Online (POL)

What models are covered?
Rack Conversions:
'55-64 Bel Air/Impala/Biscayne,
'62-74 Nova,
'64-72 GM A-body,
'67-81 Chevy Camaro,
'61-78 Mopar A-, B-, E-Bodies,
'65-70 Ford Mustang

Steering Box Upgrades:
'65-70 Bel Air/Impala/Biscayne,
'68-79 Nova,
'64-77 GM A-body,
'67-81 Camaro

What do you get?
Each kit uses POL's custom rack made to their specs, mounting bracket specific to the chassis, tie-rod ends, steering shaft, and U-joints, plus fittings and mounting hardware. Power steering kits also include bolt-on steering arms. Quick-ratio boxes are sold individually.

What Options are Available?
Kits are available in either power or manual, and with the standard black finish or chrome plated. Steering gearboxes are a standard quick-ratio 14:1 package with no options.

Why should I buy it?
More responsive steering and excellent road feel, plus the conversion is specifically designed for each stock frame to be a bolt-on that maintains factory geometry. Kits also have the correct ball center dimension to eliminate bumpsteer on the power rack kit. Quick-ratio boxes are designed to enhance steering feel thanks to precise specifications and tolerances, but without feeling heavy. The 14:1 ratio decreases steering to roughly 3.0-3.25 turns lock to lock.

Are Any Modifications Required?
All kits are direct bolt-on applications, so no chassis modifications are needed. POL will need to know the type of transmission and shifter, as well as small- or big-block and the type of headers or manifolds used. Some quick-ratio box upgrades may require a different pitman arm for proper geometry.

How do I buy it?
Online through PerformanceOnline.com or via catalog, or by phone

How much does it cost?
Starting at $639.99 for the rack-and-pinion conversion, $249.99 for the quick-ratio steering box