Randall's Rack

What models are covered?
'641/2-70 Mustang,
'67-70 Cougar,
'60-64 Galaxie

What do you get?
The base kit includes the rack, new tie rods, hoses, and specific parts needed to connect the steering column to the rack. The complete kit adds a new aluminum pump and pulley with a billet aluminum bracket.

What options are available?
They can be ordered two ways: with power steering pump or without.

Why should I buy it?
According to Randall's Rack, their crossmember is the strongest design on the market with six Grade-8 bolt mounting points. They also position the rack as far to the left as possible to reduce the angle from the column to the rack. The kit uses correct factory geometry and tie-rod length to prevent bumpsteer, while also providing exceptional header clearance for both small-block and big-block cars with either auto or manuals trans. Also, Randall's kits include the only collapsible connecting shaft on the market to connect the steering column to the rack-and-pinion, which adds a degree of safety to cars equipped with non-collapsible columns.

Are any modifications required?
Zero modifications are needed to mount the rack-and-pinion system to the chassis, since the cradle mounts using six original mounting points that secured the steering box, idler arm, and support tube. Minor modifications are necessary for the early long-shaft steering columns.

How do I buy it?
Direct from Randall's rack, either over the phone on the website

How much does it cost?
$1,695 without a new pump, $1,995 with a new aluminum pump

866-597-4662 or 61-2-9907-3755

What models are covered?
'641/2-70 Mustang
'62-69 Fairlane
'60-70 Falcon
'68-71 Torino
'60-71 Ranchero
'69-77 Maverick
'67-70 Cougar
'60-66 Comet
'68-71 Montego
'62-65 Meteor
'60-87 Australian Falcon
'62-87 Australian Fairlane '71-77 Comet

What do you get?
Kits vary somewhat between models, but all include RRS' rack with mounting brackets, steering column conversion kit with bearings, and an intermediate shaft with U-joints

What options are available?
For those needing a kit that can handle track use, a competition-style power steering pump and braided stainless power hoses with Speedflow fittings are available. Lefthand drive is, of course, an option, since RRS is based Down Under.

Why should I buy it?
Based in Australia, RRS has an extensive model-specific listing of kits for the FoMoCo family. Rather than using the same kit for a similar chassis, RSS prides itself on developing a specific kit for each application on an actual vehicle. For example, the Fairlane chassis has six different part numbers for the three chassis changes Ford made between '62 and '71 (three manual and three power rack part numbers). Plus, all RRS racks have a built-in bumpsteer correction that allows the tie-rod bar to be moved back into correct alignment if the ride height has been altered.

Are any modifications required?
All shorty and mainstream brand tri-Y headers will clear the RRS rack, but some long-tube headers may not fit. Factory four-speed small-block cars will experience steering shaft interference, and will require either a hydraulic or cable conversion. The kit is also not compatible with column shift.

How do I buy it?
Through RRS's American distributor, or direct through the official website

How much does it cost?
Power steering kits start around $2,100.