After trimming the fan, it measured 21.5x18.5, and fit between the radiator tanks perfectly. Ideally, the fan shroud should cover about 80 percent of the radiator core. In our application, it covers nearly 100 percent of the core.

The Summit radiator fit perfectly into the factory core supports. To hold it in place, we fabbed up a pair of straps from thin strips of flat steel. They were bolted to the frame using some existing holes, and were lined with weatherstripping to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

The Ranchero upper radiator hose cleared the alternator beautifully after shortening it by 4 inches. The lower radiator hose was about 5 inches too long, so we swapped it out for a universal 12-inch flexible hose from the parts store.

The fit was super tight, but the Mark VIII fan just barely cleared the water pump. We mounted it to the radiator by drilling holes into the aluminum strips on the top and bottom of the core.

Using an existing hole where the stock airbox once mounted, we attached the relay in front of the passenger side shock tower. We ran a 10-gauge wire (green) from the battery to the relay, and a 12-guage wire from the relay to the fan (black). Thinner 22-gauge wire was used for the switched ignition source (red) and relay ground (white).

Even for those who despise electrical work, wiring up an automatic fan switch is cake. Looking at this diagram, hooking up an automatic thermostat is as easy as splicing it in between the relay's red wire, and a switched ignition source. A manual override switch can also be setup by splicing into the red wire in front of the thermostat switch.

Item: PN: Price:
Summit radiator 380428 $160
eBay Mark VIII fan N/A $50
Derale fan switch 16738 $22
Dakota Digital relay RLY-3 $25
Summit thermostat 360160 $8
Hoses N/A $40
Total: $305

Description: PHR Issue: Price:
'93 notchback Mustang November 2009 $3,000
Sold old wheels, tires, engine, trans N/A -$1,000
532 big-block Ford June 2009 $9,644
Phoenix TH400 trans September 2009 $1,645
Strange 8.8 rearend October 2009 $1,759
Comp Engineering rear suspension November 2009 $1,708
AJE front suspension December 2009 $1,679
Bill Buck custom 10-point cage January 2010 $2,000
Engine and trans install March 2010 $690
Russell fuel system April 2010 $804
Cooling system May 2010 $305
Total: $22,234

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