The snowball is rolling, and poised to bury you in an avalanche of debt. But fear not, for exercising a few wise decisions and plotting out your battle plan in advance is all it takes to prevent your budget-built project car from mutating into an oxymoron. As our foray into the promised land of single-digit e.t.'s continues to progress, it came time to plumb up a fuel system for Project Fox's 532. Peering out in misery from between the shock towers like Robert Downey Jr. gazing out the window of a Malibu rehab facility, the 775hp big-block was begging for a hit of some tasty 93-octane brewski. Although feeding a motor with such a voracious appetite can get quite costly, we managed to pull off the feat for $804, thanks to a dollar-stretching turnkey fuel system from Russell Performance.

While budget-priced high-performance hardware is certainly part of the equation, we could have easily spent four times as much money on a fuel system had we stuck with EFI on our '93 Mustang. The 52 lb/hr injectors necessary to fuel nearly 800 hp would have gobbled up two-thirds of our entire $804 budget. Furthermore, the stand-alone engine management system, wiring harness, mondo throttle body, and custom intake manifold mods necessary to run EFI could easily ring up another $3,000. Since plans call for running at either idle or wide-open throttle-and not much in between-who gives a hoot about the driveability advantages of EFI? The comprehensive Russell fuel system (PN 641523) includes a monster 160-gph electric pump, 20 feet of -8AN hose, an inline filter, hose clamps, all necessary fittings and wiring, a pressure regulator, and a fuel pressure gauge.

Keeping things simple and cheap has been the underlying theme of Project Fox since the beginning, and we decided to skip on the mini-tubs while the chassis was under construction. Larger wheel tubs usually require installing either a narrower gas tank or mounting a fuel cell in the trunk, neither of which are appealing in a dual-role street/strip car. Fortunately, with the luxury of being able to retain the stock fuel tank, there's still plenty of room in the trunk to stash fat bags of cash hustled off unassuming victims on cruise night. Or so we've heard.

At the risk of sounding obsessive-compulsive, we have to give a huge thanks to the folks at Bill Buck Race Cars once again for pulling an all-nighter this time around. With Project Fox now plumbed up, all it needs is a cooling system, exhaust, and an interior rehab before it's ready for action.