Wax & Grease Remover (quart) $9.95
Surface Wash (quart) $9.95
Fish-Eye Eliminator (pint) $9.95
Epoxy Primer (gallon) $49.95
Epoxy Catalyst (quart) $16.95
2K Primer Surfacer (gallon) $39.95
Single-Stage Urethane Topcoat (gallon) $79.95
Urethane Specialty Metallic Topcoat (gallon) $89.95
Universal Urethane Activator (quart) $19.95
Universal Urethane Reducer (quart) $9.95
Medium-Solids Urethane Clearcoat (gallon) $49.95
High-solids Urethane Clearcoat (gallon) $59.95

Where the Money Went
We were able to use all of the tools available to us at JCG Restoration, but here are the supplies we used and some equipment we highly recommend. Everything here is available at; we found they have a huge selection of paint products, supplies, and tools to handle any bodywork and painting project.

Description: Source: PN: Cost:
7-block Set Dura Block ARD-TAI-AF44L $59.95
Sandpaper roll 80-grit Carborundum CDM-70528 $15.95
Sandpaper roll 160-grit Carborundum CDM-70526 $15.95
Sandpaper roll 220-grit Carborundum CDM-70525 $15.95
Sandpaper roll 400-grit Carborundum CDM-70523 $15.95
Sandpaper sheets (50) 600-grit Mirka 21-104-600 $31.95
Sandpaper sheets (50) 1000-grit Carborundum 63872 $17.95
Scotch-Brite 3M 7447 $20.95

Surface Wash Summit Racing SUM-UP403 $9.95
Wax and grease remover Summit Racing SUM-UP404 $9.95
Air line filters DeVilbiss DVR-130028 $8.95
Strainers and stir sticks (6 of each) Dupli-Color SHW-BSP400 (2) $5.90
Mixing cups Midstate Tool & Supply US36174(6) $7.50
Filler Rage FGE-112 $44.95
Spreaders Performance Tool WMR-W1001 $1.50
Rubbing compound 3M Perfect-It II TRM-5973 $19.95