Summit Paint
With the help of premium-quality manufacturers, Summit Racing has branded their own line of paint products. Their substantial name in the aftermarket has given them the ability to supply their customers with a simple-to-use acrylic urethane paint system you can apply in your own garage. They've made the process painfully simple, for those of us whose profession isn't refinishing.

Besides the Summit paint products, the only other things you'll need to get the job done is a 60-gallon (or higher) air compressor, spay gun, and masking and sanding materials, many of which are available though Summit Racing.

All of Summit's paint products mix in the same ratio of 4:1, so there is no confusion. Summit's acrylic urethane topcoat is a single-stage paint, meaning the clearcoat is optional. The exceptions are with specific colors where the metallic content is too coarse to leave without a clearcoat. Summit has found that one gallon of this topcoat will paint the average-sized car, but suggests getting an extra gallon if you're painting interior panels too.

If you've got your heart set on the ultra deep look of a clearcoated car, you have two choices in product. Summit has a medium- and high-solids clear. The high-solids version is simply the top-shelf version with the deepest, longest-lasting gloss.

The sanding and polishing process is very similar to other paints, but can be done after only a couple days. The system is made to be sprayed without a climate-controlled paint booth by using temperature-specific activators. This makes it possible to have a show-quality paintjob, without a professional paint booth or high-dollar supplies.

Prep Solvents
Wax & Grease remover-strong blend of solvents to remove bugs, road grime, oil, and other residue from the body during and after body preparation

Surface Wash-mild wash for the last wipe-down before primer or paint is applied to remove dust and debris.

Fish-Eye Eliminator-to allow the paint to flow over imperfections and avoid the fish-eye effect

Epoxy Primer-especially formulated for superior adhesion to bare metal. It's mixed 4:1 with epoxy catalyst.

Urethane 2K Primer-high-build primer to conceal low spots in a fast-drying formula. Will stick to sealers, primers, OE finishes, and body filler. Mixed 4:1 with urethane activator.

Single-Stage Urethane Topcoat-premium formula makes this paint highly resistant to damage from UV exposure, chemicals, weather, and chips. Will hold its color and gloss longer than acrylic and synthetic enamels. Does not require a clearcoat for glossy finish and is available in 20 colors; optional clear for enhanced gloss.

Universal Activators-mix in a 4:1 ratio with Summit's urethane products. Three different activators are offered to compensate for the painting conditions; Fast activator for below 70° F, medium for between 70° F and 80° F, and a slow for 80° and above.

Urethane Reducers-to allow flow and leveling of paint. Comes in fast, medium, slow, and special Zero-VOC to comply with strict environmental regulations. With topcoat, mixes up to 10 percent, for high-solids clears, mix 4:1:1.

Medium-Solids Urethane Clear-user-friendly operation, standard (but not economy) version

High-Solids Urethane Clear-higher build, deeper gloss version of the medium solid