By The Numbers

BOSS 351
Part number: M-6010
-BOSS35192 (9.2-inch deck)
-BOSS35195 (9.5-inch deck)
Material: diesel-grade cast-iron (41,000 psi)
Bore: out of the box 3.990 to 3.995
for 4.000 to 4.125 finish
Bore spacing: 4.380-inch
Deck height: 9.210 - 9.215-inch (9.2-inch deck),
9.510 - 9.515 (9.5-inch deck)
Cross drilled: siamesed bores with engineered
cross drilling between bores
Max stroke: 4.000-inch (9.2-inch deck),
4.250-inch (9.5-inch deck)
Deck thickness: .500 - .560-inch
Head bolts: 1/2-13, Yates-style head compatible
Main caps: four-bolt splayed, nodular cast-iron
Main bearing bore: 2.9415 - 2.9425-inch
Cam bearing bore: 2.2032 - 2.2052-inch
Lifter bore: .8753 - .8768
Oiling: wet sump, block-mounted filter
Freeze/core plugs: threaded aluminum
Rear main: one-piece
Weight: 195 pounds (9.2-inch deck),
205 pounds (9.5-inch deck)
Max displm 427 ci (9.2-inch deck),
454 ci (9.5-inch deck)
Price: $1,999 MSRP

Ford Racing