Description: Source: Part No. Price:
GMPP 502 block and crank Project X, take-off 10237292 n/a
GMPP 502 4-inch stroke forged crank Project X, take-off 10183723 n/a
GMPP 502 6-quart oil pan Project X, take-off n/a n/a
GMPP 502 damper Project X, take-off n/a n/a
GMPP 502 water pump Project X, take-off n/a n/a
GMPP 502 oil pump pick-up Project X, take-off n/a n/a
Trick Flow 320cc PowerPort heads Trick Flow/Summit TFS-41400002 $2,095.95 pr.
Trick Flow R-series single-plane intake Trick Flow/Summit TFS-41400111 $399.95
Trick Flow valve covers Trick Flow/Summit TFS-41400803 $245.95
Trick Flow pushrods (intake) TFS/Summit, 3/8 inch x 9.550 TFS-21419550-8 $56.95 (set of 8)
Trick Flow pushrods (exhaust) TFS/Summit, 3/8 inch x 8.650 TFS-21418650-8 $56.95 (set of 8)
Eagle rods, 6.385-inch forged Eagle/Summit ESP-63853D $459.95 set
SRP 17cc dome pistons, 4.500 bore SRP/Summit SRP-212147 $538.88 set
Sealed Power rings, 1/16, 1/16, 3/16-in. Sealed Power/Summit SLP-R104515 $155.39
Main Bearings Clevite/Summit CLE-MS829H $79.95
Rod bearings Clevite/Summit CLE-CB743HN $87.60
Cam bearings Clevite/Summit CLE-SH616S $26.95
Intake bolt kit ARP/Summit ARP-435-2002 $55.95
Holley Ultra Dominator, 1150-cfm Holley 0-80556-2BK $960
Carburetor stud kit Summit SUM-G1421 $3.69
COMP roller cam, 4876B/4877B SR105 COMP Cams 01-000-8 (custom) $303
COMP Endure-X solid roller lifters COMP/Summit CCA-883-16 $489.95
Two-piece Gen VI timing cover COMP/Summit CCA-217 $249.95
Timing set COMP/Summit CCA-3149KT $182.75
Cam bolt kit COMP/Summit CCA-234 $9.95
Balancer bolt kit Summit SUM-G1678 $7.95
Crane Gold 1.7 roller rocker arms Crane/Summit CRN-13750-16 $319.95
Distributor, MSD Pro Billet Summit/MSD MSD-8555-1 $227.95
Ignition wires, MSD Super Conductor Summit/MSD MSD-31299 $75.95
Spark plugs, Champion C61 Summit/Champion CPN-688 ($3.69 each) $29.52
Intake gaskets FelPro/Summit FPP-1275 $16.95
Gasket set FelPro/Summit FEL-KS2618 $58.95
Oil pan gasket set FelPro/Summit FEL-OS34407R $21.95
Expansion plug kit Sealed Power/Summit SLP-381-8009 $14.99
Oil pump Melling/Summit MEL-M77HV $32.95
Oil pump driveshaft Melling/Summit MEL-IS77 $6.63
Oil pump stud ARP/Summit ARP-230-7003 $4.88
Head bolt kit ARP/Summit ARP-135-3607 $83.95
Oil filter adapter AAMidwest OFA305 $9.50
Fram Tough Guard oil filter Rock Auto TG-30 $8.95
Synthetic 10W30 break-in oil Royal Purple/Summit RPO-11487 (6 quarts) $47.70
Engine paint Dupli-Color DE 1607 $5.99
Parts total: $7,434.42
Clean block: $80
Block bore & hone: $245
Cam bearings: $60
Deck resurface: $120
Balancing: $180
Main bearing housing check-out $40
Machine shop labor total: $725
Parts & labor total: $8,159.42