For a TIG job like ours, Lang charges about $350, which doesn't include the parts or the labor to construct our custom double-hump transmission crossmember. Lang and Dr. Gas both say that TIG welding isn't a necessity for this operation, but it's Lang's specialty, and at that price, we decided to go with the flow. It took about six hours to build our Laguna's exhaust system with the parts provided by Dr. Gas. When the labor charges are added to the cost of the Dr. Gas components, our one-of-a-kind side-exit system cost around $1,330. If you need to extract the maximum power potential from your engine, and you like the visual and audio shock value of a side-exit race system, that price isn't out of line. (If it were a piece of high-end sculpture, you'd pay five times the price for it.) Next month, we'll be installing a brand-new, bolt-in steering box from CPP that has transformed Project Talladega's handling, so stay tuned.