As a premium unit, the Ultra carbs carry other premium features that can be appreciated by those who are serious about performance. An inspection down the throttle bores shows Teflon-coated throttle shafts that are slabbed at the throttle plates and use low-profile fasteners to reduce restriction. Unlike older versions of the Dominator that carried the secondary actuation linkage buried under the main body, the Ultra moves the secondary linkage to an external location, and allows for a quick adjustment of the secondary leverage ratio to alter the secondary opening progression. The air horn features a polished and blended venturi entrance, designed to further improve flow and reduce turbulence. A little further down the bores we find precision billet 12-hole annular boosters for improved signal strength and atomization.

Is an Ultra the right carb for you? If the engine airflow requirements demand the capacity of a Dominator, while reduced weight is a consideration, and if the ultimate in tunability is a virtue that you can't do without, the Ultra is a very enticing package. We found it difficult to resist the draw of this carb's many design features and improved construction when contemplating a carb for the stout 700-plus horsepower big-block Chevy 509 we currently have in the works. We'll be on the dyno with that soon with a full report on the build and the subsequent dyno tuning and testing session next month. With an Ultra Dominator on board, you can bet that we'll have it tuned to a razor's edge.

Part No.: CFM: Venturi: Bore: Application: Circuit:
0-80186-2* 750 1.690 2.000 1x4 2
0-8082-2* 1,050 1.690 2.000 1x4 2
0-8896-2* 1,050 1.690 2.000 1x4 3
0-9375-2* 1,050 1.690 2.000 2x4 3
0-7320-2* 1,150 1.830 2.000 1x4 2
0-80556-2* 1,150 1.830 2.000 1x4 3
0-9377-2* 1,150 1.830 2.000 2x4 3
0-80532-2* 1,250 1.880 2.125 1x4 3
* Add suffix RD for Red Anodized Detail, suffix BK for Black Anodized Detail
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