E85 Test Kit
If you're stuck at the pump and need to be able to tune your car optimally, you will need to test its actual ethanol content. Quick Fuel Technologies (QFT) produces a testing kit that can help you know what to expect when you run it. The testing process is simple. There are two fill lines on the test tube. You fill to the first line with water, and the second with the E85 in question. The next step is to shake the tube, set it upright and let it rest for a minute. The gasoline will separate from the water and alcohol to show what percent it is. The QFT part number is 36-E85, and the kit retails for $14.99.

Fuel Pumps
Selecting a fuel pump to run your E85 powerplant is pretty simple. The issues with the alcohol-based fuels have already been addressed for racers using methanol race fuel. Since both methanol and ethanol expose the fuel system to water, unlike gasoline, the pumps need to be able to endure the water's corrosiveness. The other compensation to make is for the increased flow needed for the lower air/fuel mixture. Fuel pumps built for methanol already outflow those made for gasoline. With these things accommodated for, any fuel pump that is compatible with methanol will also work for E85.

Quick Fuel Technologies
Quick Fuel Technologies offers 4150-style E85 carburetors in 650-1050 cfm ratings. They've built E85-specific billet metering blocks and base plate to get the most power out of the alcohol/gasoline mix.

750 cfm (gas) Q-750 $603.51
750 cfm (E85) Q-750-E85 $736.84

Barry Grant
All of the BG pumps are compatible with E85, but they have two models they highly recommend for up to 650 hp. One is their street pump, which comes with a regulator, and the other is their drag-race only version that has a higher flow rating, but doesn't feature an option for a return line, so street use is discouraged.

220-gph up to 650 hp (street) 170013 $249.00
280-gph up to 650 hp (drag race only) 17002 $299.11

As the only mechanical pump in the E85 lineup, Edelbrock comes through with their Victor Series Billet Aluminum pump. They are available for a small- and big-block Chevy, small-block Ford, and small-block Chrysler.

Victor Billet Aluminum 170-gph mechanical 17000 $411.39
Regulator 1727 $99.75