In the end, however, it's stopping power that's in short supply with the limited real estate of a 15-inch wheel. Without the resource of bigger, better calipers, we turned to the brake pad itself for improved performance. And while the stock-style Wagner PD52 pads included with the Global West kit are fine for regular driving, we turned to EBC for a set of Yellowstuff pads in their DM1793 compound.

Based in the United Kingdom, EBC specializes in the high-performance street and race market. It turns out, they make a huge array of products for classic muscle cars. Part of EBC's strategy is a simple marketing plan: color code the product to the use. With this, there is no ambiguity as to the proper intention of the pad in question. In the case of EBC's Yellowstuff pad, an aramid-fiber-based compound with a high brake effect (that starts from cold, and gets stronger with heat) makes it ideal for high-performance street and track use. EBC says Yellowstuff pads are not low-dust, luxury-car pads like their Redstuff line, but like street pads, they do build up heat quickly. (Race pads tend to need lots of use to build up the necessary friction.) EBC Yellowstuff pads are produced in two compounds, DM1846 and DM1793. For more street-oriented cars that will see track use like our Laguna, EBC recommends the DM1793 compound, which is the running favorite in the Swedish Camaro Cup series.

Will larger 1LE rotors and better EBC pads be able to handle track use on a 4,000-pound coupe? We'll find out soon enough. We've just finished dropping in the new T&L 408ci solid-roller small-block and backed that up with a Phoenix Transmissions 700-R4 overdrive and converter. With a custom double-hump trans crossmember from LP Racecars and a side-exit NASCAR-style exhaust from Dr. Gas, we're back on the road again for some shakedown miles. Once the bugs are worked out, we'll finally be able to put all those Global West suspension and brake parts through some instrumented testing. Now you think they'll let us through the gate at Talladega?

Description: Source: Part No.: Price:
12-inch front brakes Global West DB1812 $1,208
Reuse existing calipers-credit Global West n/a -$230
Upgrade to 1/2-inch -20 studs ARP 100-7704 $20
Yellowstuff brake pads EBC/Summit DP41145R $105.95
NASCAR lug nuts, 1/2-inch -20 Bassett Racing n/a $1.45 ea.
Total:     $1,118.45
Description: PHR Issue: Cost:
'75 Chevy Laguna Oct. 2008 $5,000.00
Phoenix 700-R4 trans and converter* Feb. 2009 $2,800.00
Sherwin Williams paint, materials, and labor Mar. 2009 $3,979.73
Makeover (tires, wheels, graphics, seats, etc.) Apr. 2009 $2,989.95
T&L 408ci solid-roller small-block* May 2009 $7,685.00
Global West rear suspension June 2009 $1,699.36
Global West front suspension July 2009 $2,569.83
Global West front brake upgrade Sept. 2009 $1,118.45
Total:   $27,842.32
*installed—to be shown in future issue
531 Spectrum Circle
CA  93030
Global West
1455 N. Linden Ave.
CA  92376
Bassett Racing Wheel
Summit Racing
P.O. Box 909
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EBC Brakes