Paddle Shift
We noted on the Keisler website that a paddle shifter arrangement is offered as an option on the A-41. Without any previous experience with such a device, we thought about whether or not it would be worthy. After all, our old Mopar made good with nothing but a floor-mounted Slap Stik shifter. With an electronically controlled transmission, the shift functions are all commanded by the control unit. This opens the opportunity to tell the control unit what to do through the same electronics. That is basically what the paddle shifter does--command the transmission via an electronic signal to shift now, and it has to oblige. With the switching for this manual control right at hand, and the transmission reacting at the speed of the electronic impulses, the result is a transmission that will follow your commands to shift up or down, one gear at a time--instantly.

After some debate, we opted to include the paddle shifter, and without it you really don't know what you're missing. Our trans was built with an engine-braking function, so the result is much more mechanical than the normal free-wheeling feeling of an automatic. Up or down--just a quick flip of the paddle and you grab the next gear. One thing we didn't realize is that the multi-function display included with the paddle shifter provides a digital read out of a multitude of chassis and engine functions. Besides the current gear position, the display shows the engine, driveline, and turbine rpm, the trans and engine temperature, and vehicle speed among its many functions. No question about it, the paddle shifter is a worthy addition to the A-41 transmission.