What's it like to drive a car with an LSX 454 under the hood? We've had the opportunity to sample both the Reggie Jackson Camaro as well as a '96 Impala and a '02 Trans Am, all outfitted with this exciting new bullet. With anything that packs over 600 horsepower, you expect a lot, and the LSX 454 delivers. Of course, with 454 cubes, it's loaded with torque. In fact, it starts making over 450 lb-ft as early as 4,500 rpm, and never has less than 500 lb-ft until you shift it. In many ways, and LSX 454 feels like a big-block, but it revs like a freight train, pulling strong past the GMPP rated 6,500-rpm redline. As for the vehicles, the Reggie car had a stick, and it was a real handful at the top end of each gear. The other two cars had various automatics (themselves part of a new line of high-performance automatics on the way from GMPP). Of the two, the Impala was a straight-out tire fryer due to a closer match of the torque converter. That car--all 4,800 pounds of it--was reported by GMPP to run in the high 11s. As for the Trans Am, it went on the '07 Hot Rod Power Tour knocking down over 25 mpg.

The LSX 454 crate engine will be available in the first quarter of 2009 through any GM Performance Parts dealer. You can find your closest dealer by visiting www.GMPerformanceParts.com. This engine will sell for between $12,000 and $14,000--an absolute bargain for over 600 horsepower on pump gas, with a warranty to boot. What we love about the LSX 454 is that GMPP has taken an already incredible factory architecture and enhanced it specifically for our market. If the LSX 454 is the first crate engine in the LSX lineup, we can't wait to see what they roll out next!

LSX 376: Little LSX Brother
If you want in on the LSX lifestyle, but you think the LSX 454 is just too much for you, check out the entry level LSX 376 crate engine from GM Performance Parts. This engine ships as a long-block, so you get to choose if you want to run the LS3 fuelie intake, or a GMPP LSX carbed intake. For around $7,000, you get the bombproof LSX block, a 376-inch rotating assembly, newly designed forged 10.7:1 LSX pistons, and the production LS3 cylinder heads. The engine ships with a Corvette/Camaro-spec .551-inch lift LS3 camshaft. With a production LS3 intake manifold, the LSX 376 is rated at 450 horsepower.

Of course, with the LS3 intake and stock LS3 camshaft, the GM Performance Parts LS controller and harness kit (specific for the LS3) would run this engine. We think this is a great starting point for several street car projects. This engine is begging for a camshaft upgrade, or slip a roots-style blower on the long-block, and away you go. Big cam, nitrous, blower--this things looks like it's ready to take a beating!