When we first got the idea to do a Chevy Laguna project car years ago, it occurred to us that these cars had the strongest identity with stock car racing in the '70s. In planning a project direction, it just made the most sense to go with a NASCAR look for this particular body style. As the idea grew, we also realized that the look could be duplicated relatively easy, and with some creativity, it wouldn't cost much. And while other magazines have talked about doing it for years, we're actually the first to pull it off.

We've assembled here the most important fabrication and styling aspects of our '75 Laguna in these 14 mini stories. Most of them were done during or just after our Laguna was painted at Ricky's Customs & Restorations (Apache Junction, Arizona). A lot of the ideas and most of the heavy lifting for the Laguna came from Heath Elmer of Arizona Auto Trim (aka Heath Elmer Restorations, Mesa, Arizona). If you've got a project that needs help, Heath's a great guy to call (602-670-8880). Heath is a rare jack of all trades; he specializes in graphics, but does body and paint, restorations, and best of all, he's got a great eye for detail and style.

We're aware that the stock car racing theme may not resonate with everyone, but there is still a take-away for the roundy-haters: these tips and tricks can be lifted from this story, and they will translate well to other build styles. Our choice of mid-'70s iron may also raise some hackles, and to those purists who only dig '69 Camaros, we say keep an open mind. If we can make a '75 Laguna look cool, just think what these ideas will do for your car!