Detroit Speed & Engineering
Front And Rear Suspension
Fits: 1967-1969 Camaro/Firebird, 1968-1974 Nova (GM F- and X-Body), and 1970-1981 Camaro/Firebird (GM F-body)
Detroit Speed & Engineering (DSE) is a big player in the suspension modification game. It specializes in transforming early classics into modern handing machines. Its parts can be found on everything from street to race applications, and DSE spends weekends proving its parts. Its product line focuses on early F- and X-body cars, for which it has many options. Since Goodguys started the Street Machine Challenge (an on-site autocross event), DSE has been heavily involved, taking many vendor wins. (DSE's test car, a '69 Camaro, was built in-house, and can be seen wherever Goodguys runs the Street Machine Challenge.) DSE also has a complete fabrication/installation facility where it can install its product on customer cars.

Many companies manufacture components, but DSE takes it one step further with its new hyrdroformed frame section. It's the only one on the market of its kind. The totally new, direct-fit frame allows you to replace what might not ever be square again with something better than stock. The new frame allows DSE to make its parts work to their full potential in a much stronger environment.

Its baby, the Quadra-Link rear suspension, is a four-link design with DSE's own "Swivel Link" that keeps the rear suspension from binding under extreme activity. They eliminated the need for spherical rod ends by replacing them with a durable rubber bushing to reduce the squeaks and rattles associated with the rod ends. They use Koni adjustable coilovers to allow maximum adjustment for tuning, ride-height setting, and corner weighting. This kit takes a little more skill to install than some of the others. It's necessary to cut into the floor to install the supplied sheetmetal boxes to clear the Swivel Link. They have designed it so the rear seat can still be used. To go with this kit, DSE makes a Ford 9-inch housing with the appropriate brackets already installed.

Quadra-Link rear suspension kit $2,495
Ford 9-inch axle housing $1,005
Hydroformed front suspension (uncoated) $6,700

Detroit Speed & Engineering

Total Control Products
IFS Coilover Conversion
Comet 1960-1967, 1971-1977
Cougar 1967-1973
Cyclone 1964-1971
Fairlane 1966-1971
Falcon 1960-1970
Maverick 1970-1977
Montego 1968-1971
Mustang 1964-1973
Ranchero 1960-1971
Torino 1968-1971

Chris Alston of Chassisworks acquired Total Control Products years ago, and has been testing and refining Ford-based products ever since. Now with over 10 years of production, this coilover conversion kit holds its own among its competitors. They're designed some unique pieces for this kit, including the TrueCenter pivot sockets that reduce deflection, and extend the lifespan of the strut rod ends.

TCP has redesigned the suspension geometry for a lower center of gravity, higher roll center, more negative camber gain, and reduced rebound travel to limit body roll. It also employs the common modification of relocating the upper control arm by machining an offset pivot shaft for a more aggressive camber curve. All of these components use factory mounting locations and do not require any fabrication, and they can be used with a factory or TCP spindle. The shocks used in this application were built by VariShock, owned and developed by Chris Alston. This particular shock was designed around this suspension, since no other shock on the market met the specifications needed to make the suspension work correctly.

To complete this kit, TCP offers a rack-and-pinion kit to convert that sloppy steering box to a smooth-operating power rack unit. All of these parts will be used on PHR's new Street Fighter project Mustang, which will roll out in the coming months.

Coilover conversion kit (starting at) $2,485

Total control products

Torque-Arm Rear Suspension
Fits: 1962-1965 Ford Falcon
Not all models get the attention that the first-generation Mustangs and Camaros do, and that's why Heidts designed this rear-suspension kit for 1962-1965 Falcons. With the cars weighing in around 2,900 pounds, and with room for a powerful V-8, the potential for performance is there. With any car, in order for the performance to be realized, you need to plant the rear tires to the ground. Heidts' four-link suspension setup paired with a Ford 9-inch rearend helps to do just that. The Heidts kit includes chassis and axle brackets, adjustable links, full upper coilover crossmember, Panhard bar, adjustable Heidts coilovers and hardware. If you're worried about cutting up your original car, don't worry, as this is a completely cut-less operation.

Heidts also offers a Mustang II-style front suspension for the Falcon that helps to continue the update through the car. It uses tubular upper and lower control arms, rack-and-pinion steering, disc brakes, and optional coilovers. To bring the two kits together, they also have subframe connectors available.

Mustang II front suspension kit $2,099
Four-link rear suspension kit (with axle housing) $1,667