Last month, we got a big start on dropping our new LS2-based drivetrain into the '68 Camaro project called Bad Penny (see "LS2 Transplant, Part 1"). The engine is in, but there's still a lot to do. In many ways, installing a modern engine into vintage tin is a lot like installing your run-of-the-mill small-block, but there are key differences. The LS2 has specific fuel and wiring components, making it more involved than the typical small-block install. However, the aftermarket has been burning the midnight oil developing goodies to make LS swaps much less painless. We plan on showing you many of those time-saving short-cuts right here.

We're not rocket scientists, but in the end, we managed to get it all installed. The key was to plan ahead, and when we came to the inevitable bump in the road, we worked around it rather than to get frustrated. There are also more budget-minded ways to do just about everything if you're willing to put in more sweat equity. Still, it's not an easy or a cheap date, just keep in mind that most guys who have done it have a hard time going back to the old-school stuff!