Other than our street rods themselves, there's nothing more dear to a rodder's heart than our collection of tools. From big giant noisy power tools to neat little manual gadgets that will fit in the palm of the hand, almost all of us have toolboxes jam-packed and workbenches and walls covered and hung with tools of every description and use. Let's face it, any tool that makes a repair or fabrication chore easier or even possible at all is welcomed into the home shop with glee, even if they're ones that will only see service on rare occasions-we just gotta have 'em, just in case.

Cool tools can be found anywhere: the local hardware store, parts jobber, metal supply house, ads and tech stories right here in SRM, the Internet, and in the case of some neat homemade tools, the home shops of friends and acquaintances. The subject of this diatribe, though, was found between the covers of one of my favorite tool sources-the Eastwood Company's mail-order catalog.

What we're going to check out today is a great home-shop spray gun system offered by, as I just stated, the Eastwood Company. The kit is manufactured by Devilbiss, and it contains everything the hobbyist will need to both prime and paint like a pro (with a bit of practice, of course). It's called the Starting Line System, and it consists of two spray guns (one for primer and one for paint), a pair of 20oz aluminum gravity cups, an air regulator, and a tool kit with accessories-not bad for less than $150. So check out this handy system-it's a must-have for the home hot rod builder, as are most of the cool tools and materials offered by the Eastwood Company. Check out Eastwood's Web site and you'll see just what I mean.

Eastwood Company
263 Shoemaker Rd
PA  19464